Kissing: It’s a Good Thing!

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“The sound of a kiss is much softer than that of a canon – but its echo lasts a great deal longer.”

“When words become superficial, humans make use of kisses.”
~ Sigmund Freud

There are lots of good reasons to want to kiss and be kissed. But, did you know that there are side-benefits from kissing? Here are a few:

1) Burn Calories!
A passionate kiss burns 6.4 – 10 calories per 10 minutes (about one calorie per minute)… depending on the research. A long kiss makes the metabolism burn up sugar faster than usual. The calories burned of course depend on the intensity of your kisses. No matter, you do burn calories, so… kiss more, lose weight!

(NOTE: Doing the chocolate heart-box thang?… There are 26 calories in a chocolate kiss… do the math!)

2) Prevents Tooth Decay! (NO WAY!!)
Dr. Peter Gorden, Dental Advisor at the British Dental Association, explains. “After eating, your mouth is full of sugar solution and acidic saliva, which cause plaque build up. Kissing is nature’s own cleaning process”, he adds. “It stimulates saliva flow and brings plaque levels down to normal.”

3) Stress Management.
A passionate kiss can relieve tension. It’s a great relaxation technique. It’s almost impossible to smile and feel tense at the same time. Our emotions and body language are so closely linked and when your mouth is in a kissing position, you are almost smiling (and might be smiling and laughing in between). Plus, in romantic kissing there is love and anticipation and all kinds of deep breathing and body reactions… creating a great relaxation response zone to stay in as long as you can. Make sure to close your eyes! Shut out everything else and “be” here and now and one with your kisses! Ahhhhh, that’s so good!

4) Increases Fitness Levels.
Just like when you’re exercising, your heart is pumping, your pulse is racing. When kissing is exciting, you also release adrenaline into the bloodstream and your heart pumps more blood around your body, bringing all that blushed skin tone to your face and all other beautiful parts! It’s a great cardiovascular workout!

5) Natural Face and Body Lift.
Kissing, lots of it… slows the aging process. It tones your cheek and jaw muscles, so they’re less likely to sag. (Side bar: Anything else that you can think of to accompany kissing… can stretch, strengthen and tone too! Flexibility at every age is very important.)

6) Ups Your Self-Esteem.
Kissing is a great boost for self-esteem. In theory, when you’re kissing, you’re happy. You’re excited. You’re anticipating unexpected things to happen. And when you’re happy and excited, you let go of the everyday routine and sometimes mundane thinking… you feel good about yourself, changing the chemistry of your brain and endorphin system for all- around wellness.


Enjoy kissing on Valentine’s Day… and every day.

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