Let Go Of Perfectionism And Get Back Your Self-Worth

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It is said that one of the loveliest things you can do for yourself is to embrace the beauty of your humanness.

We live in a culture, certainly in the US, where every check-out stand and TV commercial is laced and faced with air-brushed perfection – the perfect body, the perfect new bling, perfect shiny car, perfectly set table and children, spouses and houses decorated and buffed to the nines.

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What’s true is that we’re all very human and all of the hype is a very savvy marketing-machine lie, created in the perfect studio, under perfect lights to sell us something. As Opera states about her magazine covers, “You too can look this great if you have 29 people making you look this way and 3 fans!”


To become really authentic, we have to let go of the warped and twisted illusion called reality that we’ve been served since the advent of the television, now the Internet, and any and all glossy advertising. Was the illusion of what is “perfect” alive and well before TV? Sure, but not to the mass market and not with the intense and emotionally infused triggers that we have now.

We’re each and everyone very human. Very imperfect. Have you seen the pictures of celebrities without makeup! Can you say “Botox?” Do you know how many times famous people, including presidents, failed before they “won” and became part of our history and everyday language? Many failure, many times over.

We can die at any age and at any beauty, wealth or health. Stuff happens. Enjoy life now just as you are.


Recently I went for a walk around MacIntosh Lake where I live. It was near dusk, the time of day I love the most. On the way back I stopped and sat on a bench and looked at the moon (I love the moon) and the massive thunderhead up over Denver, about 45 miles south of here. I knew they were probably getting pounded with rain, but the beauty of those minutes in the quiet outdoors all by myself was so calming and perfect. Nature is always perfect. As part of nature, you and I and everyone and everything is also always perfect. Just not in the way we are conditioned to believe “perfect” means.

nature - sunset


You need to decide what your perfect imperfection is for you. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy that you can see and hear and taste and smell and walk and talk and laugh . . . in all your perfection that is beautifully you with no changes necessary.

NOTE: If you wait for the changes you think you need to be perfect, you may wait a lifetime and never get there.

What have you enjoyed that brought you to a stand still lately in the perfection of all that is?

What is one of the loveliest things you can do for yourself to embrace the beauty of your humanness?

mirror alone

Look into your mirror every day and say, “I love you” to that perfect you, no matter how flawed and imperfect according to the current societies decision of what is perfect. Love and kindness change everything.

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