No Matter How Small Your Office Space, Don’t Let Clutter Pile Up On Every Surface

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Small rooms and clutter can go hand in hand. Don’t let that happen to you!

No matter how little space you may have for a home office, for instance like a second small bedroom, don’t let yourself get into the habit of dumping items on horizontal surfaces. It not only looks bad, but feels bad, and it’s likely that you’re losing things in that lump!

Steps to declutter it, reorganize it and keep it nice!

1. Clear it off.

2. Sort out the items.

3. Put them where they belong. They each need a “home.”

4. Choose only what truly belongs on the top of your surface.

5. Maintain it daily.

6. Enjoy!

 As with this client’s small office, the cat litter box and litter pale have nowhere else to live. So, you do the best you can with the space you have!

4 Responses to “No Matter How Small Your Office Space, Don’t Let Clutter Pile Up On Every Surface”

  1. Total Office Interiors Says:

    De-cluttering is really a must if you want to maximize space in your small office or home office. It is best to sort out what is needed from what is not, and discard what is not. It is also a good idea to arrange the items in your office so that they will be easy to locate when needed.

    Total Office Interiors

  2. self storage units Says:

    Since I started working from home my house has turned into cluttersville. In an effort to sort it out I did nothing and hoped it would go away on its own but it didn’t.
    I finally got the answer when I heard about self storage units. In these places you can put all the stuff you don’t want to lose but don’t want in the house either. I have a lot of old folders from work which are much better in there than blocking the sunlight from entering my home office.

  3. Kim Wolinski Says:

    Yes, storage can be great – but, don’t store forever – what a waste of money!

  4. Halifax Storage UK Says:

    We are actually seeing the rise of a new profession in our industry. People who come and organise people’s self storage units for them …. its actually quite interesting to watch and it looks like a therapeutic activity

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