Conquer Your Clutter With A Pal Purge Party!

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Does the clutter in your house interfere with or limit your activities, your life and your joy?

I have had more than one client who is

  • frustrated with unfinished projects sitting around because parts and pieces to finish the project are “somewhere”
  • unable to redecorate their home due to the fact that clutter is in the way and overwhelming them, they can’t focus on and stick to their projects
  • closets are spilling over into other areas of the house
  • doors to bedrooms can’t even be opened due to piles and heaps of indecision

If you have so much clutter in your home that it has taken control of your time, thoughts, energy and discussions about your life… it’s past time to change!


Make your project go much faster and have much more fun by inviting your friends, your pals, over to help out! Guarantee them that you’ll feed them, laugh a lot and help them when they’re ready for help! You can give them a Confidentiality Contract of Silence if it helps you feel better!


1) Plan a half or full day.

2) Schedule it with a pal or two, or ten to come help you.

3) Choose one project or area of a room, or more depending on the time and helping hands.

4) Get your sorting containers ready for: keep, toss, mend/repair or clean, projects in process and to donate.

5) Get good eats ready.

6) Jump in!

7) Plan how the donation boxes will get to the thrift or charity stores and get them moving out. Out. OUT!


We all need a little, or a lot, of help now and then. Dump the “inner clutter” about all this – the embarrassment, fear, guilt and shame – out the window! Our friends love us “no matter what!”

This is also a great exercise in growing and deepening your relationships. It’s good for your heart, mind and health.

Plus, a pair of fresh eyes and energy may help you to see where you might use better containers, systems or furniture placement to make your home more functional and streamlined. Hey, give ’em a paintbrush while they’re there and really refresh your space! 🙂

Have fun!


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