Spring Break – 10 Tips for a Safe (and Fun) Spring Break

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It’s that time! Spring break!

Where  are you going? What are you doing? What’s the plan?

Whether you’re going somewhere or sleeping, have a plan so that you enjoy every minute.

There are many ways to plan and experience your spring break this year. The overall best way is to have fun, be safe and create stories and memories that you won’t regret or are embarrassed about later! They’ll be all over TV and the Internet soon enough.

Here are some tips and links that will help you help yourself to a great fun time!

1:  Plan ahead.

Don’t “assume” you’ll get a ticket, a room, or whatever you dream of having when you “get there” and if you get there.

2: Tell a friend, family members where you are going.

Being a free spirit is lovely, and can get you into trouble too. Make sure someone has your travel plan. Take travel warnings seriously. “Stay on the trail”, and take a friend with you.

3:  Take care of your body.

–  Drink lots of water if you’re going to be in the sun or racing down ski slopes all day.

–  Wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

–  Limit alcohol.  Your future employers may skip right by you if they see social media pictures of you drunk and crazy. It’s not worth it. I don’t need to go into all of the other reasons not to drink, get drunk and set yourself up for problems, right?

4.  Sex? Protect yourself.

You know the lecture, right? Condoms, etc. etc. etc. Your life and future and dreams are the core of who you are. One moment of “passion” can kill it all. Be smart. There’s always more passion!

5.  Credit cards, money, license, passport, tickets, maps  – protect yourself.

Make a copy of these items so if lost you have proof and the numbers. Copy both sides when numbers may be different on each side.  Plan ahead to keep them somewhere safe.

6. Don’t overspend.

Plan your budget and stick to it. If you need an extra reminder and stop-gap help click here to get my free Money Pocket Sanity Tool.

7. Call/text home.

Don’t get into the “I’m freeee! I can do anything I want!” Call or text home, to friends, etc. Not so much that it stifles your fun, but enough to let others who love and care for you know that you’re okay and they don’t have to worry one more night about you.

8. Be 100% responsible.

Don’t set yourself up to have problems and then blame others for it. Be 100% responsible for yourself and your experience. Make the choices you need to make to stay with or leave your “friends” or groups of people if they are headed down a dark road and everything in you says to get out now. Get out now!


Enjoy every minute! Try new foods and experiences. Don’t be shy, say hi and meet new people.

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