Two Terms To Help You Stay Organized And Stop Bringing Home What You Don’t Need

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As a Professional Organizer, it’s helpful to have a few specific terms or words in my toolbox to help my clients shift out of their trance, move forward and faster and decide with stealth on some issues related to “What should I do with this? Keep or go?”

In the organizing industry we have lots of terms that really help to keep us focused and doing the doing of organizing. I will share two of them here that are at the core of helping you to decide to keep to let go of your stuff and things that seem to confuse you, and/or to keep you from buying or bringing in more in the first place!

Will this be helpful?

shopping - bags, one says SALE

Term #1: Home
Everything has to have a “home” or it is “home-less!” That’s why it gets lost and forgotten.

Term #2: Live
Everthing you have must “live” somewhere. See Term #1… it needs to live in its “home.”

Make sense?

So, when you’re out and about and find that great bargain, or even get something free, before you buy it or bring it into your home first ask yourself, “Where will it live and where will its home be?” If you don’t have clear, easy answers to this question, guess what? You don’t get to buy it or bring it home!

Pretty slick, eh? Yup! That’ll keep 80% of the stuff we think we have to have from even making a shadow on our front door.

piggy bank with woman smilingTHINK OF ALL THE SAVINGS!
Using these two simple terms in this simple self-inquiry, “Where will it live and where will its home be?”, and stopping yourself from bringing more in – that has nowhere to live – you’ll do a couple of great things for yourself:

  • You’ll save money . . . by not buying it. Put that money away for something better, like a trip or experience with others, not more “stuff.”
  • You’ll save time . . . by not continuing to shop or garage sale and dealing with “it” when you get home.
  • You’ll save on health care costs! Stressing yourself out with all this “stuff and things and clutter” adds stress to your mind and body, which creates health issues.
  • You’ll save on confusion, self-and other criticism, having to talk about it (women do this you know!) and tell on yourself and feel embarrassed.
  • You’ll save yourself from deepening the inner-patterns of “this is what I do with my time and money, I buy stuff that I don’t need and then feel bad” and start to build new patterns and habits that are better for you.

Enjoy your home and lovely “castle”, don’t continue an old pattern of mindlessly bringing more home items without a real plan for it all.


  • No matter what season you’re in right now around the world, enjoy its special activities, seasonal aromas, colors and weather.
  • Spend more time with people, friends and family
  • Create more great memories
  • Be more creative with your hobbies and talents
  • Go outdoors and enjoy the weather and walk, play and laugh more.

It’s a new season!

“The joy of life consists in the exercise of one’s energies, continual growth, constant change,the enjoyment of every new experience.”
~ Aleister Crowley

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