How to Safeguard Livestock in a Fire: From the Black Forest, CO Fire

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Fires can be unpredictable, especially in the case of forest fires.

The Black Forest, Colorado fire is on the news daily as they fight to keep people and homes safe.

So far, the fire has displaced 38,000 people and affected about 13,000 homes, while burning down 389 homes and 13,000 and 15,000 acres by this morning (June 14, 2013) This is the most destructive fire in Colorado history.


With such a massive fire you won’t necessarily have time to help your animals and pack up anything. You just need to go.

That’s was the case for some evacuees in this fire. They had to leave so quickly, they didn’t have time to load up and move all of their animals.

PLAN #1: The local fairgrounds

The Elbert County Fairground northeast of the Black Forest Fire looked like a Noah’s Ark Thursday with families who fled with their animals to escape the looming inferno.

There were nearly 30 chickens, several hundred horses, a handful of cows and a couple calves, and many alpacas and miniature horses, according to the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office. Assorted dogs, cats, goats and donkeys mingled with mules and lamas. Three stallions were there. And for good measure, one yak.

~ From FOX 31 Denver News

PLAN #2: Punt!

As you can see in the photo above, horse owners spray painted their phone numbers on their animals and set them free, hoping that they could get to safety by themselves and someone would call them to reunite them later.


When you live in an area that is ripe for fire danger year ’round, plan ahead. Your stuff and things are not important. Your life is. Read more here re: deaths in the fire that possibly could have been saved.

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