Fire/Disaster Evacuation and Protection Plan: How Soon To Decide To Get Out Of The Line Of Fire

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My workshop, and ebook, on organizing is titled BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!… for a very good reason.

Few people are prepared for anything devastating to happen to them or their homes and belongings. Most people think, “I’ll get to it later.” And, “later” never comes.

That includes organizing and preparing your


There are plenty to prepare for, including

  • fire
  • flood
  • tornado
  • hurricane
  • earthquake
  • gas leaks
  • theft

In any of these situations, you will have only seconds to decide, act and get out of harms way.


About 80 miles south of here is the raging Black Forest, Colorado fire. This fire, the most destructive fire in Colorado history, has displaced 38,000 people and affected about 13,000 homes, while burning down 389 homes and 13,000 and 15,000 acres by this morning (6/14/13).

Advance warnings and fire fighters have done an amazing job to get people moving and out of harms way. Yesterday, however, came that report that just makes no sense, but is oh, so human.

I want to note here that I am not judging or criticizing these poor people,

but please learn from their mistake.

The news…  the remains of two people were found at a destroyed home inside the burn area yesterday.

This certainly can happen in such a huge fire, but, it didn’t have to.


Two people die in Black Forest, CO fire.

Investigators talked to a person who had spoken with the victims on the phone Tuesday. At 4:20 p.m., the two said they could see the glow of a nearby wildfire and started getting ready to leave. About 40 minutes later, the caller told deputies they could hear “popping and cracking” on the phone before losing contact with the two victims.

Both were found in the garage of their home near a vehicle with its doors open. They appeared to be getting ready to leave.


check listPLAN AHEAD

“Getting ready to leave” and “leaving” are two different things when you only have seconds.

Could this have been a different outcome? I can only guess, but I’d say yes.

BOTTOMLINE: Our “stuff and things” cannot matter in a crisis such as this. They just cannot!

Let it all go. Your heart will heal and yes, some things cannot be replaced. That’s just what is.

Plus, if you choose to live in an area of the country, the forest, where fires happen every year and burn down thousands of acres of forest along with homes and properties, this is your responsibility to be prepared. Right? Right.


car - stuff on top and dog

3 Point Plan to Be Ready for a Disaster of Any Kind:

  1. If your house was burning, tornado coming, etc. and you have 30 gracious seconds to go in and get 3 things (all living beings are out already and you have your ID/wallet/purse) what would the 3 things be?
  2. Get them ready NOW. No excuses.
  3. If your “stuff” is not organized, accessible and easily moved out and ready to go when the disaster comes, too bad. Just go. Your priority is your very life.

And, finally, my head is bowed: I bless these people who have lost their lives and pray for their families and loved ones.



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