How To Declutter and Organize in One Minute – Do the D.O.T. IT!

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Do you have stuck energy in your house?

Do you feel stuck yourself?

Anything that is not moving, but, that needs to be, is stuck energy. A decision and action not taken.

Even though you may think it’s not a big deal, and that you can get to it later (which never comes), that energy is very active in your mind and can create a low level hum of stress and distraction in the form of complaining about it, nagging self or others, feeling angry, guilty or embarrassed that it’s not done or you haven’t returned an item, etc.

Worse yet, not doing “it” may create a problem later like paying a fine, overdraft, lost trust in a friendship, or some other consequence you really don’t want to, and move over don’t have to pay . . . if you’ll just do “it!”


That stress is unnecessary and can be immediately alleviated if we’d just do the doing of making the change, right? Right.


Do the D.O.T. IT in One Minute and shift your stressors immediately.

D.O.T. stands for Do One Thing.

We can get swirling, mentally and physically, trying to do lots of things and lose time and energy, “zig-zagging” around and we don’t get much done at all!

Do One Thing. Take just One Minute and Do One Thing.


So, what One Thing can you Do in just One Minute to shift your energy about your clutter or some decision that’s been swirling and/or stuck?

After I suggested using this get-into-action technique to several of my Priority Coaching clients I heard great feedback on their results. Here are a few of them:


“I’ve had a box of donation items that has been sitting in the garage for months. It took all of one minute to move that box into my car. Later, I dropped it off at the thrift store. That one minute got it into the car so that the rest could happen! That one little shift of energy really relieved a bunch of nagging stress!”


“I had a thank you card that I’ve procrastinated sending, and for no reason. How crazy it that? To delay thanking someone for something they did for me? I DOTTED IT! I took one minute and finished the card, addressed, stamped and then into the mail box. Boy, I felt lighter immediately! All the guilt felt awful and affected my feelings about being a friend to that person. Thanks, Kim for the one minute  DOT IT nudge!”


“My son’s friend came over to play months ago and forgot his sunglasses. I would see them daily as I walked by my hall table which bugged me every time. I just wanted them returned and off my table. So, in one minute I took them off the table and put them into my purse to go out to the car. That afternoon I stopped by his house and left them with his father. We ended up having a really nice conversation about our kids and their sports and such. We all felt better. That one minute activity to shift that energy of it and me was perfect! Thanks!”

So, now, look around and find something that’s bugging you and take all of just one minute to DOT IT, shift the energy of it, and you, by making a decision and taking the action on it immediately.

No more ignoring “it” and no more waiting until “later!”

Make your TO DO list your TO DONE list more quickly! Got it? DOT IT! 🙂


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