Create Healthy Habits: Declutter and Organize

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Whether in your office, or all around your house, how does clutter make you feel?

If the answer is “not good” and “stressed out”, then creating healthy declutter and organizing habits is the answer.

When you have healthy habits around how your stuff and things sit, stay and move in your life and environment, life flows much more smoothly. Healthy habits will keep you from chaos and crisis like:

  • mislaying your keys
  • forgetting to pay a bill
  • paying the consequences for said unpaid bills in the form of overdrafts, late fees and service charges
  • lost and unfiled documents
  • add your own___________________________


Having a specific place for everything makes it easier to find what you need, when you need it. It also keeps us moving through our day without unnecessary barriers and adrenaline surges from fear – that are very, very bad for our health.

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Let’s face it, life is naturally going to throw us enough curve balls that we have little or no control over in any given day without our continually contributing to the stressors that we do have control over.

Clutter makes us feel bogged down, out of control, confused, and tired. Studies have also shown that it can contribute to weight gain!

For many people, when clutter is allowed to build up, it is a measure of lack of interest in self-care and in decision making, commitment and solving problems. Putting off organizing projects and tasks, delaying and escaping them is not the answer.

If a person has a deep enough lack of care for themselves and their surroundings, they might not be taking care of their health either, hence, weight gain.

So, lose the WAIT!

To live a healthier, happier life, make it your mission to stop waiting and putting off what is right in front of you. Tackle the clutter in your home or workspace.

A perfect home and office is not necessarily attainable (and not necessary), and for sure won’t happen overnight. But, you can make a plan and set a schedule of doable time blocks to start and get moving on your TO DOs that you can TO DO and get TO DONE.


Make it a daily habit to get and stay organized.

Plan for one to three or more hour declutter projects as well as daily 15 – 20 minute “clean up and put back into place” ones. See how much you can get done and how much better you start feeling.

Don’t let another summer go by without taking care of what is screaming at you right here, right now. You’ll feel so great when you’re done, like a some of my clients here!…

“I struggled with my clutter for so long and Kim helped me see that if I just step into it and start I can make changes quickly. I hired her for big and small projects alike and we got done so much so fast I was amazed. Her teaching me how to do the doing, as she calls is, really helped too.” ~ Carmen, Ft. Collins, CO

“I would not have imagined that you could help me get organized over the phone! My piles and stacks are sorted and organized. Thank you for working with me long distance, Kim. It really worked well and I’ve told all my friends to call you from wherever they live!” ~ Candice, New York, NY


Contact me today and let’s jump into your piles and clean them up so that you can feel better and better and enjoy your life NOW!

Call 303.485.5280, email or read more on my site.



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