7 Thieves That Live In Your House: Thief #2

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I teach that there are 3 Kinds of Clutter: Inner, Outer and Other.

Inner Clutter creates not only inner clutter, but stress, lost time and energy.

If you’ve read Thief #1 article, you know there are thieves in your house.

By the end of this series of articles, I want to have helped you to identify your 7 Thieves, and take action to get them out of your house and your life one by one.


Each of these 7 Thieves steals from you every moment of the day, and all your life, until you make the changes necessary to stop them. For each Thief, think of how it steals your

  • time
  • energy
  • money
  • peace of mind
  • joy
  • self-worth
  • socializing
  • and so much more

For each Thief I identify, I also give you an assignment to help you to start the action steps to rid your home and life of the Thief for good.

Thief #2: Indecision

  • Do you have piles, projects and plans that never move, never get started and never change?
  • Do you waffle on deciding what to do, so never do anything?

You’re not alone, but that doesn’t make it better.

Decisions are everything. But, action must follow of course.

By not deciding more quickly what needs to be done, and making a plan to do the doing, piles and unfinished or unstarted projects will remain so.


1. Like Thief #1, choose something small to work on first. Write out a decision that needs to be made to change something for the better, or to get movement started.

2. Draw out your plan on paper or process out your decision with a helpful other to help you see if it makes sense and what else you might need to think about.

3. If you get stuck, ask yourself, “Why am I not deciding?” There might be a good reason, that’s okay. Then, move onto something else you’ve been indecisive about and make the changes necessary to shift its status quo and your uncomfortable comfort zone.

4. Write out a plan for your decision and follow through to accomplish your desired outcome.



If  you just can’t get started, or stall out too often, I can help you set your priorities and stay the course to make the changes you desire by working with you as your Priority Coach. Get your Ticket To Shift here.

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