7 Thieves That Live In Your House: Thief #3

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Do you ever feel like someone has stolen a day’s worth of time from you when you can’t find things you’re looking for?

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Too much stuff, too little time, and indecision cause disorganization. They also cause stress. You don’t need more of that, right? Right.


We each have the same 24 hours in a day, and we only have so much time each day, and for that matter, on this planet in this lifetime between sleep and sleep and the BIG sleep! The time that we waste looking for things is . . . wasted.

Who is stealing your time?

How would it feel to know that you have a thief in your house stealing your time?

Well, in fact, there are seven of them that are living in your house right now. Unfortunately, over time you’ve gotten accustomed to them and you kind of ignore them now. Nevertheless, they are stealing from you right and left every moment.

By the end of this series of articles, I want to have helped you to identify your 7 Thieves, and take action to get them out of your house and your life one by one.


Each of these 7 Thieves steals from you every moment of the day, and all your life, until you make the changes necessary to stop them. For each Thief, think of how it steals your

  • time
  • energy
  • money
  • peace of mind
  • joy
  • self-worth
  • socializing
  • and so much more

For each Thief I identify, I also give you an assignment to help you to start the action steps to rid your home and life of the Thief for good. Let’s get started with…

Thief #3: Disorganization

Clutter and disorganization are not necessarily the same thing. You may have a very clean desk, but your files are disorganized and inefficient, but not cluttered looking.

A lot of disorganization can live behind closed doors in what I call “The Whisper Room!” That room where you shove everything when guests come over. But, as women, we always tell on ourselves, right? With a  hand aside our mouth we whisper to our guests, “Oh, yes, it looks organized and nice in this room, but just don’t open that door and look in there!”

Disorganization is a great Thief of our time, energy, money and motivation.


1. What and where is disorganization in your house? Choose a doable, small project first. As simple as having a bunch of pens and pencils scattered on your desk and getting in the way of streamlined work.

2. Think of one or more solutions to your problem. How can this one area, pile, messy space be organized? How do you want it to look, feel, or work better for you when you’ve organized it?

3. Jump in and do it.

4. Journal how it felt doing it and how it feels when you’re done. The act of stopping to write this out helps internalize it more deeply into your habit system of the brain and muscles. You always want the best habits to run your life.



If  you just can’t get started, or stall out too often, I can help you set your priorities and stay the course to make the changes you desire by working with you as your Priority Coach. Get your Ticket To Shift here.

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