7 Thieves That Live In Your House: Thief #4

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If you ‘ve read the first 3 Thieves articles, and are doing the assignments I’ve set for you, you will be feeling really good right now! YEA!!! 🙂

Each thief is robbing you of so much every day. These are just a few examples of how they are stealing from you:

  • time
  • energy
  • money
  • peace of mind
  • joy
  • self-worth
  • socializing
  • and so much more

I’m glad to share some of the immediate feedback I’ve received from this series:

“Once again, thank you for your newsletter. You are so inspiring. This weekend I am going to attack my files etc. I do that about twice a year. The next job is my messy book shelves. I am donating books and also taking some to swap at the used book stores in town.  I also have a jar with 371 marbles (some very old) to take to Chamberlain’s. and see what I might get for those. ~ Hugs and many thanks, Josie.”

Tanja wrote, “I love the list of thieves… they’ve been driving me nuts lately and I’m slowly starting to work on them!”

And from Mary Collette, “As this is the weekend to finish a summer project of cleaning my office, what great inspiration.”

How have you done so far? Did you follow through on my assignments? Our forward movement and proactive activity on our day-to-day basis makes all the difference in a week, month, year or decade from now. Being organized and less stressed is such a good thing.

Thief #4: Disrepair

A broken chair, cupboard door off its hinges, carpet rippling across the floor, pieces of your child’s toy missing, a shirt button popped off, batteries taped into the remote, a rip in your lounge chair seat pad, broken parts of miscellaneous jewelry . . .

org - broken item

  • Where is your disrepair?
  • What items of disrepair do you stumble over on a daily basis, or get frustrated with every time you see them, try to use them and can’t, or think about them?
  • How much mental time and energy are you giving away to them . . . are they stealing from you?
  • How much physical time and energy do you give them, but don’t get them fixed? (And then “should” on yourself! “I should do this already! ACK!”)


1. Get several containers or cardboard boxes and label each REPAIR.

2. Each box is a category. Put all items in the box that matches its category, that are similar. For example one for clothing, one for shoes, one for toys, another for outdoor tools, etc.

3. As you’re collecting and putting items in a box you may find that you are ready to just let it go. And so, maybe you’re all done with The Disrepair Thief now! If not, keep reading.

4. Whatever is in the boxes needs to now be “Repaired.” Decide what needs to be done with each item. Make a note or list and tape to the box if necessary, especially if you live with others who contribute to the box or who are part of getting the items Repaired. (Keep everyone on the same page by teaching them the Repair Box use.)

5. Plan your schedule to take the Repair list and go get the items needed to complete the Repairs or make the necessary phone calls to others who do the fixing for you.

6. Plan your schedule to make the Repair and put the fixed item away where it belongs for future use.

Empty Repair Boxes are a good thing!

7. Keep the necessary Repair Boxes in the areas of the house, garage, etc. where they will be used by everyone easily and keep the loop of “drop in the box, list what’s needed, plan to get parts, plan to fix, and done!”

As Larry the Cable Guy (I’m not endorsing him, but, if the term fits!) says, “Git-R-Done!”


If  you just can’t get started, or stall out too often, I can help you set your priorities and stay the course to make the changes you desire by working with you as your Priority Coach. Get your Ticket To Shift here.

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