7 Thieves That Live In Your House: Thief #5

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Have you read the first 4 Thieves? If you‘ve read them and are doing the assignments I’ve set for you, you will be feeling really good right now! YEA!!! 🙂  Keep going!

Feedback coming is so great:

“So far, your “thieves” articles have jumpstarted me in areas I normally have just kept putting off. What a difference I’ve made in just the few weeks of your articles set up this way. I’ve been doing one thief at a time and I’m winning!!” ~ Thanks, Carol.

Patty wrote, “NO MORE STEALING FROM ME! Boy, your articles have really helped me put my foot down in my house about all this clutter baloney! Thanks!”

And from Maggie, “I’ve dug out years of stuff that the thieves have been piling up in my house! What a great difference I see already. My family is much happier too. Thanks, Kim!”

Now, onto Thief #5.  emotions - sad - crying - kleenex

Thief #5: The Past, Grief and Regrets (holding onto the past)

When you look at photos, a gift from someone, any items, jewelry or clothing you have that reminds you of another time, a person or situation that now brings you sadness, grief and pain, how much time and energy, joy and life are you losing?

Example: I’ve had clients who’ve lost pets who would feel sad and reminisce every time they saw the picture on their counter or came across something that was from the pet. In many cases these pets died years and decades ago. This is not healthy.

Grief has its place and takes time, but not a lifetime. And, it cannot rob your of YOUR life-time and that of your loved ones.

It takes at least a year of going through birthdays, anniversaries and other calendar events to deal with someone or something being gone or changed. But after year two and on there needs to be closure on many parts of the grief so that you can move on and not get stuck. Yes, always remember them, but don’t get stuck in thinking and reacting daily in pain.

What if it’s a child, spouse, sibling, friend or parent? Same thing. Yes, it will take a lifetime and your heart will never fully heal, of course. But, on a daily basis, life is now and those who are still around you need you to be here now with them too.


1. If you are stuck in grief over some loss, seek out a grief group or counselor to help you heal.

2. If you can put away some of the photos of the lost loved one – events or experiences that will never be the same again – that can be a very good step in the direction of healing, to give your mind and body a rest.

3. If you have regrets or resentments of loss or bad situations and items in your home that keep reminding you of it/them, or, worse yet, your entire home reminds you of this pain,

  • make amends where you still can,
  • forgive and let go,
  • seek help to resolve it,
  • clear the items that remind you,
  • redecorate and make you home fresh for you now,
  • and/or as drastic as it sounds, it might be time to move and get a fresh start.

4. Have only the items that are stories of the past that are happy and enjoyable. Store or get rid of the rest.

“Some people believe holding on and

hanging in there are signs of great strength.

However, there are times when it takes much more strength

to know when to let go and then do it.”

~ Ann Landers


Stop the thieves from stopping you. Jump into your messes and stresses and make the changes necessary to reorganize, redecide and recreate for a new you. No more waiting!

You really do have control over how much time, energy, etc. is robbed from you every moment. Taking control of what you can is paramount in living a more balanced, confident and happy life.


If  you just can’t get started, or stall out too often, I can help you set your priorities and stay the course to make the changes you desire by working with you as your Priority Coach. Get your Ticket To Shift here.

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