How To Stop Organizing And Re-Organizing The Same Things Over and Over Again

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Do you find yourself organizing and re-organizing the same things over and over again? That can be very frustrating, time consuming and stressful.

So, why is this happening?

I’ve worked with clients over several years and have walked into the same issues each in the same areas.


Here’s a list of reasons it happens to them, and possible reasons it keeps happening to you too.

1) Not taking the time to put stuff away.

2) The system is not working any more.

3) You’re not using the system.

4) Got a new system that doesn’t work, or was never put together or installed completely.

5) Too much stuff.

6) Indecisive about what you really want so don’t cull out what you don’t want.


Using systems that work, that are functional, sturdy and durable, that you like and even “love” will save you time and stress.

Let’s look at how to make your systems and space work for you again and stop the insanity! 🙂

1)  If your original system (shelving, tubs, containers, drawers, etc.) will work, you just need to work it. Take the time to reorganize one area at a time and plan to maintain it ongoing.

2) If your system is not working, or you don’t “love it”, then figure out why it doesn’t work and see if you can adjust it or find a new one to replace it.

REMINDER: I always teach the 80/20 Rule. If your system works 80% of the time well, then keep it. That’s really good. You’ll most likely never find one that works 100% for you and waste time and money trying to find one.

3)  Too many categories crammed into one area.

Makes sense, right? You can only get so much in one space before it overflows. If it’s constantly messy or hard to work with, you’ll stop trying and start piling. That’s a bad thing.

4) Your system is cheap, broken, parts missing, wobbling, cracked or otherwise less than wonderfully functional, it’s time to replace it. Spend the extra money, one system at time, and get good products that will work and last a long time.


I’d love to see photos of your frustrating areas where I can offer ideas for change. Schedule a one-on-one phone session with me today and let’s get that stress and mess out of your way!

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