Holiday Clutter Prevention: Stop Donation Clutter from Coming into Your Life

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Do charities and causes reaching out to your mind and pocket during the holidays wear you down?

During the upcoming weeks you may be bombarded with “opportunities to donate” in the form of pamphlets, flyers and whatever else comes handed to you at the doors of your grocery store (feed the poor); at work (give); on your door (donate); at your place of worship or community (upcoming events), in your mail box (we need your support again this year) and more.

Flyers. Pieces of colored paper promoting something important. Are they really?


Yes, well… some of these things ARE important and you may even want to be a part of them, donate or whatever. However, you don’t have to take the flyer to do it. The plan here is to stop more unwanted, unsolicited pieces of paper from cluttering up your car, purse, briefcase, pockets and house.


I’ve learned that the easiest way for me to do this is to keep my hands in my pockets or behind my back. I “used to” be one of those people who just automatically accepted stuff that was put in front of me. The first couple of times I didn’t accept those pieces of paper I felt odd, kind of wrong, like something was missing. I got over it!


It’s okay not to accept pieces of paper, including business cards! It’s okay to listen to the pitch. It’s great to give and participate. But, be selective.

1. Plan your giving. You literally can not give to all charities or causes. It’s not possible.

2. Do all accepting and giving from an open and loving heart, not begrudgingly or from duty.

3. Feel free to contact the cause organization and get off their mailing list.

Happy Holidays. Give from your heart and have a wonderful (less cluttered) holiday season!



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