4 Ways to Organize Your Insides, When You Feel Out of Control All Over

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When you have too much going on on the outside and find yourself feeling out of control too often, the toll it takes on your health (mental, physical and spiritual), your relationships and more can be devastating.

Most people experience times of overwhelm at least once in their lives, many have many experiences that wear them down, even making them cynical about life, setting the stage for them to shut down and shut out the good things about life, not letting the good back in.

If you’re experiencing “too much too often” in your life, and hopelessness is creeping in too often, here are some ideas to help you get yourself grounded and your balance, hope and a positive outlook back.

1. PLAN your time and energy as best you can for each day, and each moment by moment depending on the stressors you’re dealing with. Don’t just jump into each day with no plan.

2. CHECK IN with yourself often during the day:

/////a) FOOD: Do you need to eat? Don’t let low blood sugar starve your body and brain making it harder to react, act, think, decide and move forward logically.

/////b) WATER: Do you need to drink water? Don’t rely on sodas, coffee, etc. to get you through the day. Drink pure water often to keep hydrated and blood and body flowing well.

/////c) SLEEP: Are you sleeping 7-9 hours/night and sleeping well? Are you in pain? Body aches and pains can keep you from getting your needed sleep. Exercise, walk, stretch during the day even if it’s for a few minutes here and there. Sometimes you may need to take a mild pain reliever to help you. I sometimes use ibuprofen, but not often as it’s not good for the kidneys.

/////d) MEDITATE: Take time to just be. Meditation, even for 5-10 minutes at a time, is a proven method to slow down the racing mind, support health and better decision making and so much more.

/////e) PRAY: Meditation and prayer are different. For some people, active prayer is very helpful to reach up and out to their spiritual guidance and solace.

3. KEEP IN TOUCH with friends and family who are supportive of your best you. Make sure to reach out in any way that you can make the time for: phone call, text, email, etc. Keep connected to those who you love and love you back unconditionally.

4. DO SOMETHING THAT YOU DO HAVE CONTROL OVER. A task, project, routine, anything that for even seconds makes you feel like “you” again and in control. Writing this newsletter is one of those things for me! 🙂


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