8 Keys to Keep Your Momentum and De-Stress for Christmas Organizing

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Don’t let this holiday season be stressful. Simply organize yourself to get it all done with little to no hassle. Even if you didn’t get started “early enough” this season, use these easy to follow holiday organization tips to get  back on track.

1) Be a List Writer

Writing lists is an excellent way to keep yourself organized and on track. Write your list by hand then, if you like a nice tidy list, type them into a computer and print them out to keep handy.

Some list ideas for you:

  • Christmas gift shopping list (who you’re giving what to and the cost)
  • spending budget
  • holiday cards list
  • meal planning
  • travel plans
  • post lists: who gave you what
  • etc.

Be sure to keep each list separate and mark off every task as it is completed.

2) Be a List Checker, Check it Twice!

We all can have plenty of lists, right? But . . . doing what we’ve written down is the next step. Make sure you don’t keep writing the same list over and over and not doing it.

3) Be a List Doer

Time for the doing. Time block and schedule everything in so you don’t wait until the last minute. That’s stressful!

4) Learn to Delegate

When it’s time to decorate, cook, bake, etc.  for the holidays, get your family involved. Delegate specific tasks to each person. Your family will also have fun doing some of these activities and being part of the memory making – take photos while they’re helping and make the photos part of the memory book too.

Your family members can also help get the house ready for Christmas by doing laundry, dusting, clearing snow and shopping. If they complain… oh, well! That’s part of being in the family!

5) Order Online

You can cut your shopping time in half (or more!) just by ordering online. After your shopping list is complete, sit down and shop online. What’s even better is that you can save time and money by having some gifts automatically shipped to friends and family afar. You can even order your groceries online.

6) Think Ahead for Holiday Take Down and Storage

Christmas happens every year and every year you swear you will put those decorations back in the right place.  This is a good time to think about what you can do this year to make next year easier on yourself next Christmas. Organize your Christmas decorations before storing them. Jot down any ideas you might have for next year in a special holiday journal. Collect those favorite family recipes you requested this year and save them in your holiday journal for next year’s family dinner. And remember to untangle the Christmas lights before putting them away!

7) Share the Love

Plan your holiday dinner early and share the love (or food).  Christmas Pot Luck is totally okay! If you’re hosting the Christmas dinner ask family and friends to each bring a dish, make sure you ask what everyone is bringing so you don’t end up with ten desserts and no main courses.  This will take a huge amount of stress off you and your family members  and each can show off their favorite recipes.  If you’re going to someone else’s house for dinner offer to bring a dish along, your offer may be greatly appreciated.

8) Keep it Simple

Christmas shouldn’t be a time of stress and worry, try to slow down so that you can enjoy the sites and festivities around you and more importantly share it with your family.

Merry Christmas!



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