Organize and Complete Your To-Do List Faster In “Chunks”

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Do you make lists? I do. I LOVE lists! Okay, and you can tell me… do you ever do something that’s not on your list and then write it down just so you can cross it off? I do! I LOVE lists! Doesn’t crossing an item off as “complete” feel great! High five! YEA, LISTS! (Okay, now you know, it doesn’t take much to make me happy!!)

So, the depressing thing about lists is to look at items that are large projects, which extend over weeks and months. It can feel overwhelming. “Where do I start?!”

THE KEY to successfully dealing with large or long projects is to “chunk” them down. That’s right; divide them into doable “chunks.”

Breaking these projects down into smaller manageable steps of 30 minutes, 1 or 2 hours each, like your other smaller projects, will get you done in “chunks” at a time. Then, get your pen out!! – YES, you’ll get to scratch off one “chunk” at a time and get that same great feeling of completion and satisfaction as with small projects. High five!! Ahhhh, I LOVE lists! Have I said that?!

Now, you can look at your TO-DO LIST and just see doable, objective projects that can be “seen as finished” more easily. And, when you can “see” a project finished, it is much easier to start on and stay with “to” the finish.

TIP: Use a timer.  If you set your timer for 15-30 increments, it helps to not feel like your in a room or area “for-ev-er!”

Now, start chunking!

Timers come in all kinds of colors and shapes.

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