Be the Solution: Post-Holiday Review

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It’s been a month since Christmas. How did your holidays go this year?

Were they picture perfect?

If not – if they weren’t joyfilled, relaxed or as gentle as you had planned or would have wanted – use the following list to think about and take charge of your thoughts, feelings and holiday-stress from the past few months and for all future holidays to come.

1. What were my expectations about the holidays? Were they met?

2. How to I feel about my expectations being or not being met?

3. If my expectations weren’t met, why not? and, what could I have done about it?

4. If I’m unhappy about what happened around the holidays and celebrations, how am I dealing with my frustrations, anger, resentment, disappointments, etc.? Am I talking about others, gossiping, degrading them? Am I complaining, nagging, blaming?

5. What would I have liked to have happened instead of what I experienced with family, relationships, friends, children, gift giving, spending money, gift receiving, charity, religious rituals, use of time, use of energy, work, play, fun, food, alcohol, decorations, parties, meal preparation, travel, etc.?

6. What would I like to have happen next year?

7. Who do I have to discuss changes with in order to get some of my needs met?

8. If I don’t communicate my needs and negotiate my desires, what will be the outcome?

9. Am I willing to go through this experience again?

10. If I don’t decide and speak up, am I willing to let go of anything and everything that isn’t perfect or the way I’d like? (E.g., no griping!)

We are either part of problem or part of the solution. Being part of the solution means making decisions, communication them and being active, not passive for your joy.

You have 10 months to plan for next holiday season! Be the solution!

Happy Post-Holidays, and NEW YEAR!


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