Summer Decluttering – Shed, Yard, Tools, Machines and More

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yard tools

Summer is a time to open the windows, do more outdoors, take vacations and enjoy your lawn, patio, deck and/or pool. Whatever you have in your yard that needs attention, there will be tools and other supplies that are probably part of the picture. Unless you pay a service to take care of your property (think pool boy!), then tag!, you are “it”, and must be on top of your tool and supply needs.

TIME TO DECIDE, or, Sorry, Tim the ‘Tool Man’ Taylor!

By now you might have realized what you need for your lawn, garden, acreage, etc., and what you just are not using, year after year. Don’t let this summer go by without cleaning out your outbuildings, sheds, garage, yard, etc. of tools and machines you don’t need, use or are broken and can’t use.

If you have mowers, weed-eaters, tools and such that don’t work or are not something you need or use anymore, repair the keepers and let go of the rest. Only have what you use and need.


Why? Because a) having tools that are broken and damaged will waster your time, keep you from using them effectively and will cause you stress every time you go out to get them. Who needs more stress? . . . it’s hot out there! And, b) if you have tools and such that do work but won’t be using, sell or give them away and let someone else use them before they are too old and damaged by weather and aging for anyone to use.

Best ways to declutter tools and machines that still work:

  1. Give to thrift stores or non-profits (if they still work): Check if you have a ReStore in your area here’s ours in Longmont, CO. ReStore is the thrift and repurpose arm of Habitat For Humanity.  A great way to recycle for reuse (and they get the profit) – good tools, machines, cabinets, cupboards, sinks, tubs, etc.
  2. Garage / Yard Sale
  3. Local Extension Office (might know of someone who needs them)
  4. Community Garden
  5. Ask around and see who might need them

Best ways to declutter tools and machines that don’t work:

  1. Give to parts stores if they have good parts that someone could use on other machines that need repair
  2. Trash or take to recycle center or dump if too big or inappropriate for trash – follow your cities dumping policies for “hard to recycle items” if necessary
  3. Make art out of them! The photo below is repurposed shovel blades! Lovely!

recycle art - shovel blades


1. Because you really need it for your work.

If you really need a new tool, and can’t borrow the item from a neighbor, it’s time… but always buy new or used (“pre-owned”) that work well. It’s amazing how many times people get the “almost good enough” item “on sale” and then regret it.

2. Safety

If what you are using isn’t safe, it’s time to replace it.

3. Tired of hearing yourself complain “one more year.”

Bottom line, stop listening to yourself complain about the same old stuff! Clean up and out your tools and machines for outdoor work. Let go of the one’s that don’t work or need repair or you won’t use any longer.

Or, the second right answer, sell the house and move into a community that takes care of all that. That’s my answer, “I have ‘people'”! Make choices that work best for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Happy summer! Enjoy your yard!

For more ideas on how to declutter and let go of too much, order my ebook, Burn Your House Down!



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