Assess Your Excuses for Holding onto Clutter with Perspective

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Do you have excuses for holding onto clutter?

     “I might need this someday!”
     “I don’t know what it belongs to . . . but I’d better keep it.”
     “We’re going to use it someday.”
     “I’m keeping it for… (who?)”

Do you have phrases and thoughts like this go through your head, and out of your mouth, about your clutter and “stuff?”

Part of assessing and letting go of clutter is getting ruthlessly realistic about it.

Excuses and “reasons” for holding onto things that are out of date, have no future use, are lost from the complete set or bigger item, or are unidentifiable just don’t hold water, and are keeping you stressed and overwhelmed.


1. Get a new perspective about it. Think how the  same excuses would sound to you if they came out of the mouth of a friend. Would you be thinking, “Yea, right,” or would you think that she made sense?

Getting outside ourselves, getting perspective,  is an exercise in perception to make it easier to identify our faulty reasoning.

2. Ask yourself honestly, “If my house burned down . . . would I miss it? Would I know I even had it?” I ask this question often on my jobs and in my workshops. Sometimes we need a new perspective that shocks us enough to jolt us out of our trance.

If you actually feel relieved thinking it would be “burned” and gone, or at least gone . . . then, let go of it now and enjoy your home with less stuff and decisions not being made!

3. If you won’t get rid of these things, at least contain, categorize and label them so that you can find them when you DO need them!

Use zip type baggies and clear tubs so that you can see what you have. Many items may go into the same category: USE IN THE BACK YARD. Or, FOR BASEMENT SHELVES. FOR KIDS TOYS.

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