Reuse Baggies Many Times Before Tossing

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How many times do, or can you use a baggy?

I can reuse one about 50 times before it heads to the landfill.

I come from a long line of “don’t waste anything” farmers. My mom can make you (me) crazy as she holds onto stuff waaaaaayyyy past it’s “good enough” days! But, my mom, and others like her, and their children (!) learned early, out of necessity and common sense, to not waste, but to repurpose and recycle for all kinds of noble and realistic reasons. Keeping stuff to use and use again is not new to us!

Growing up we hung the Wonder Bread plastic bags on the closeline to drip dry to use again and again. Their second, third and other lives were given to double-bag our homemade breads and other goods, or for any reason we could reuse them (and mom still does).

Most people now tend to invest in Ziplock and other baggies. Yes, they are great. Reusing them is even greater!

I let mine get way out of hand over the past few months due my dad’s accident, hospitalization and death in November through December, then the overlapping holidays, and then life and then . . . !

So, using my totally cute wooden tulip baggie dryer (first photo above)  was out of the question. I realized that I could easily use my dish washer racks (second photo) to dry as many as I could hand wash and stick on the nubs and loops — about 50! Long bags, like from store veggies, bread or buns can be clothes-pinned to the top rack to hang and dry too if you don’t have a clothesline.

So, don’t throw out a perfectly good plastic bag or baggy. Don’t waste the money or fill the landfill too soon. Wash and dry and reuse them as many times as you can!

(I’m sorry that I don’t know if the cool wooden tulip bag dryer is available anymore, but others should be. Search online!)

4 Responses to “Reuse Baggies Many Times Before Tossing”

  1. Lisa Marie Says:

    I was thrilled to read this about you! I have been doing the same thing for as long as I can remember, from way back in the 80’s when I was single and living on my own up until the present. My 21 and 18 yr old and my now 3 year old are used to mom (me) washing and reusing whatever I could….
    So glad to know there are others out there like me. 🙂

  2. Jane Kim Says:

    How do I purchase your bag dryer?

  3. Kim Wolinski Says:

    Funny. Open up your dishwasher! No dishwasher? Get creative!

  4. Kim Wolinski Says:

    That one is very old. You might just search online for baggie dryers. Here is an example:

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