New Program Available: ONE RABBIT: The 7-Step Method to Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want Now

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.Frustrated With Your Life Not Going Where You Want?

Tired Of Waiting And Feeling Stuck?

Want To Get Moving And Complete Your Everyday TO DO’s Or Big Life Dreams?

Need A Jump Start?


I Am More Than Excited To Offer My Program ONE RABBIT,

Where You Will Get The Methods And Tools To Get And Stay UNSTUCK.

I’m Inviting You And Your Friends Who Are Ready To Jump Start Your TO DO LISTS, GOALS and DREAMS — To Be, Do and Have — More Of Your Best Life NOW!

Why wait longer?

My new program is ready for you to hop in and get going!



The 7-Step Method to Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want Now



1) 60 minute recorded teleclass

2) Learning materials and worksheets to use and reuse for every new “rabbit” decision you need to make, and need the tools to remind your to focus and do the doing for quicker completions

Learn a bit more here, or order below now.


Not sure?

Question: Where will you be in 6-12 months if you don’t do this?

“This program is great. It got me off square one and moving again.” ~ Doreen, Dallas, TX


ONLY $37.00

//I look forward to hearing of your unstuck achievements!

“Thank you Kim for your ONE RABBIT program. I’ve used your steps to sanity (as I call them) a million times already on the smallest issues to my big dreams. They always work!  Then adding personal coaching with you has made a world of difference. I really stick to my plan now. Thank you!.”  ~ Sandra, St. Louis, MO



You can also work with me one-on-one by phone. Find out more here.





Organize Your New Year’s Thoughts Around What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

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This would seem an easy question to answer, right? But, how hard do you find it to answer right now? And, even if you say, “I just want to be happy,” what does that mean exactly? What does that mean specifically? Do you know?

What do you want? . . .

  • in your relationships?
  • in regards to your health?
  • in regards to your finances?
  • in your job?
  • in your education?
  • in your recreational activities?
  • in your spiritual life?

Wherever you don’t find peace and flow in your life, there is where you will “want” something different.


“How can you live your wants now (peace, happiness, joy) instead of just wanting your wants? (struggle, frustration, yearning)”

To be a conscious creator we need to be aware of our intentions, attentions and actions. The key here is to start to think, know, believe, intend and act upon what you WANT, not upon what you DON’T WANT. Step forward into your best life instead of backwards, or freezing in neutral. Lean in, not back.

Our minds naturally go for the negative, the don’t want. “I don’t want to gain weight!” Instead of, “I want to stay at the weight that I am.” Or, better yet, “I love being the weight I am and will do what it takes to stay here!”

Being proactive is paramount in setting your New Year’s Goals and Intentions. Your “New Year” starts any time you choose. Set your DO WANTS now!

EXERCISE: On a piece of blank paper make two columns. On one side write all of the DON’T WANTS. Go ahead and get them out of your head! After you have a good list of them, in the other column, rewrite the DON’T WANTS into DO WANTS like the example above. Keep doing this until you find that your brain has been retrained to start thinking DO WANTS first!

Start thinking, communicating and acting from DO WANT more and more often and see how you feel better, life seems more positive, people, ideas and experiences show up in better ways because you are showing up in a better way!

Share your experiences with me in the comment section. It’s great to hear how you’re doing!


phone - ear-mouth part only with cordI’d love to work with you if you just can’t seem to stay focused and on track with your daily decisions about any and all areas of  your life.

I’m a PRIORITY COACH and will be happy to help you choose, redecide, plan and stick with it, whatever your end goal may be.  We’ll work together by phone… FIND OUT MORE HERE…


Thanksgiving Expectations, Be Gone! Less Stress Equals More Happy!

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Loosen up this Thanksgiving. Enjoy your friends and family and the quiet that engulfs a holiday. Don’t let perfectionism and “It has to be my way (or the highway!)” cost you your happiness and good relations with those around you.

At the same time, don’t let other’s too high of expectations ruin your day either.

It’s all about flow… no matter what! Sometimes it’s about stopping and regrouping, redeciding mid-stream. That’s absolutely okay to do. Laugh more. Love more. Enjoy more.


Discuss everyone’s needs and ideas for what they want to make the day work. Compromise and enjoy it more.

At the same time, do all that you can do, want to do and love to do to prepare, get ready and feel good about your holiday table and home, while at the same time, lighten up and know that something will be forgotten, missed, broken, spilled, smashed, crashed, dropped or eaten (by your dog). It’s okay.

broken plate



Next year? Too early? Never!

What this means is to take the time today and in the next few days after Thanksgiving to go back over your prepared lists and plans and see what you can alter for next year that will make it even easier, better and more stress-free for YOU and for others. The sooner you do this the better off you’ll feel year after year. And, that’s what gratitude looks like!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 


Oh! PS! If you really need an escape for some R&R (promo here!), my brother, Dave, and I bought the Old Town Guesthouse B&B and Conference Center in June. Come stay and get away with us!! I also offer private and group wellness and healing Retreats here. Contact me – – and let’s discuss your personal needs, or a group you’re part of that may like to come stay, play, get away and take the time for self-care; find answers and solutions to everyday issues in our Retreat Learning Center programs.

Organizing From The Inside Out – How To Stop Hoarding, Stockpiling and Use Stuff Up

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Too much tea (1)

Can one have too much tea?


Stop it.

Drink what you have before buying more.

What do you have “too much” of?

Most of my clients have one or two things bursting at the seams in their houses, like

  • canned soup
  • candles
  • jewelry
  • shoes
  • magazines
  • a specific craft – yarn, quilting, scrap booking stuff
  • a specific collectibles, that they don’t even like or care about anymore, like pigs, penguins and Red Hat stuff


After we’ve unearthed piles of “it” I tell them, “Okay, I have to give you the ‘Dr. DeClutter Rule of Stop It.’ Stop buying more of “this” until you use it all up! or have a plan to organize it, and use it more often and enjoy it, in the case of clothing or accessories.

We always end up laughing, but they get it.

When buying more and more of certain items but not really using them, appreciating or honoring them there is an edge to this behavior that is close to hoarding, but for most people it is unconscious, habitual buying.


Use what you have, use it all up, before buying more. Otherwise, you’re just feeding an addiction, wasting time and money, using up space, adding to clutter, staying distracted, etc.

In the case of shoes and jewelry, make sure they are organized so that you can really see them, enjoy them, find them and wear them more often.


Oh, by the way, that image above, that’s my kitchen counter! “Was” my kitchen counter. Boy, I drank a lot of tea to cull that stockpile down! Much of it was given to me, I didn’t buy it, but still.


Another issue with collecting, storing, not using what you have or enjoying it is that some things do go bad, they deteriorate, lose their flavor and freshness, go out of style (as in clothing/shoes/accessories) etc. So, by the time you do get around to using it, it’s not that great, and in regards to food products, actually bad for your health and has to be thrown out.

So, let’s stop the madness, stress and waste. Let’s all shake ourselves awake, get organized, and enjoy what we have without buying more.


Declutter for Your Health, Stealth and Wealth

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What is keeping you from getting your finances organized?


When we keep dumping our projects, junk mail, stuff and things and not maintaining an organized space, we risk forgetting where we put important papers, losing vital documents and creating a general health, stealth and wealth hazard that will kick us in the butt soon enough!

And, if our heaps and piles have been sitting in the same place for much too long, we are running the risk for a myriad of problems that, thank goodness, can be remedied easily.


Why a health hazard?

When you let things pile up there are other problems in the places you ignore that are piling up too, namely

     1. dust

     2. microscopic “dust mites” that live in dust (ew)

     3. mold, mildew – possible fuzzy, growing things if there is moisture and/or food of any kind

     4. bugs, spider and cob webs

     5. mice and other vermin

     6. bacteria and germs

These problems can cause you several more problems, like health issues.

Enjoying clean air in our homes is not only nice, it’s important to our health. The more dust, mold and unwanted critters you have on and under your unmoved piles add to allergies, respiratory problems and more.


Stealth means a lot of things, but I mean it as your way of moving through your life streamlined, with peace, calm, flow and without struggle. That is impossible without taking control of areas of clutter in our homes. Paper is one of the worst.


Clutter promotes poor air quality and the growth of things like mold that can affect your health. Allergens, germs and vermin all love disarray and all can wreak havoc on your body.

When I walk into a clients home where there are old papers, “memorabilia” items from long ago, mold, mildew, etc. I get a stuffed nose and head within minutes. I’m kind of a canary in the coalmine for bad air quality. I have had to wear a face mask on a few occasions.

health - face mask

Poor health affects your work and, in turn, your financial well being. A general cleanup and reorganization can help get you back to your healthy, productive self.


1. Schedule time to deal with it. And by “dealing with it” I mean decide, declutter and reorganize.

house cleaning - broom and dust pan w dust bunny

2. Clean up. Get out the cleaning supplies and dust, sweep, vacuum, etc. Get the dust and dust bunnies, cob webs and possible bugs and mouse droppings (ick) cleaned out before putting things back.


Dampen your cloth with a misting of water, so as not to harm wood, dust and dry the wood immediately, or use furniture polish.

house cleaning - feather duster

Don’t blow dust off things, use a dry cloth or feather dusters as these methods of dusting only “poof” the dust into the air, having it come down to land somewhere else, and in your lungs.


It is very worthwhile to invest in a the best kind of vacuum cleaner, the non-bag kind with a filter that won’t kick the fine dirt, silt and dust that it picks up back into the house.

If you do have a vacuum cleaner with filter bags, make sure to change them regularly, before they are bursting and over-full to help keep down the amount of particles thrown into the air. If you aren’t careful in this area, your indoor air can actually get worse after a vacuuming due to all the dust getting kicked back up into the air.

house cleaning - dirt devil vac

You can buy an expensive one, like Dyson, or less costly, that work very well like a Dirt Devil. I love mine and it works great.

Plus, while it’s obvious to vacuum carpets, it’s as important to regularly vacuum other home items like fabric furniture, drapes, throw pillows, dog beds and anything of fabric. Smaller hand held vacuums, like a Black & Decker with the enclosed dust holder (not bags) can also be used for the draperies, etc.

house cleaning - black and decker hand vac


By the way, enclosed bags pick up tons more than a paper/material bag. Tons more. You’ll be shocked and amazed at how much!

3. Keep it clean. Maintain all areas on an ongoing basis as all of the above aspects due to ignoring an area can and will start happening again.

Love your space organized and it will love you back, keeping you healthy, stealthy and wealthy. At least it will give you a better chance at being in control of  these areas, creating an efficient, effective life.


Happy Chinese New Year, and Year of the Horse!

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animals - horse

According to the Chinese Zodiac,

the Year of 2014 is the Year of the Horse,

which begins today, January 31, 2014,

and ends on February 18, 2015.

The Horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 Animal Signs.

In Chinese culture, the Horse is a symbol of

  • nobility,
  • class,
  • speed and
  • perseverance,

all great characteristics each of us needs and can learn to exhibit daily.


People born in the Year of the Horse are smart, fabulous speakers who have a gift for getting through to other people. They believe that their aim in life is “to seek individual freedom and happiness.”


The Year of the Horse 2014 promises a lot of new things, not least of all adventure, excitement and romance for those who are looking. One of the best ways to energize all the positive attributes of the Horse Year is to display beautiful horse images in the home. Pick those which resonate with you most strongly and those which evoke positive energies and emotions in you, and invite the excellent energies into your home.

For lots more information, go here.  


Red ticket in black hand    If you get stuck and just can’t seem to figure out what to do or how to do the to do’s that you do know to do!… I’d love to work with you one-on-one as your Priority Coach to make the shifts and changes you desire.

Find out more here. 

Don’t stay stuck when there is help right here. Be more of what you want to be, do and have in the next few months by purchasing your Ticket To Shift! Let’s be more like the admirable horse this year!


Happy New Year, Starting Today, And Every Day Anew

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new years 2014

A “new year” can start every day, if we choose it. So, we need to choose it every day in order to let go of the old, the out dated, the stuff that doesn’t work and never will, the clutter and the past and move into the new.



Today, instead of me teaching or sharing my ideas, I am happily sharing messages from the Masters about New Years for your consideration, inspiration and motivation as we shed the Year of the Snake and get ready to mount our mighty Horses in the Year of the Horse! (See Dr. Christiane Northrup’s quote below).


~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1850 
   Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
   The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true. 
~ Dalai Lama 
Today, as we wish each other a Happy New Year, let us determine to be more sincere, compassionate, warm-hearted human beings, trying to make our world a more equal place. That way we’ll actually make it a happy year.

tts - joel osteen

~ Dr. Christiane Northrup 
Happy happy New Year everyone! We have a couple more weeks in the Year of the Snake (in the Chinese Calendar Year). So shed your old skin by clearing clutter in your surroundings, your mind, and your body. Then you’ll be ready to gallop into the Year of the Horse! Where is that horse going to take you? Also, it’s a powerful new moon today. The Universe will really support your intentions in a big way. So give that horse of 2014 some directions!!!
~ Benjamin Franklin – 1755 Poor Richard’s Almanac
Be at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbours, and let every New-Year find you a better Man (and woman!)
~ T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”
For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
~ Oprah Winfrey
Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
~ Joel Osteen Ministries
Make the most of what you have. Get your hopes up. Raise your expectations. Your best days are still in front of you.
And, from my all time biggest hero, matched only by
the incredible 12th century German writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, Benedictine abbess, visionary, and polymath, Hildegard of Bingen! . . .
~ Captain Jean-Luc Picard 
 star trek - 2014 make it so
My best to you on this start of a lovely New Year, around the world and back.

Thank you for reading my newsletters and blog posts. I want the best for you always.

Keep it simple and see joy everywhere,even when it’s not easy, because, sometimes it’s hard. Each moment in every New Year begins a New Day, open each present with presence.

And, when all else fails, follow Chicken Logic:

chicken - logic - rooster


Blissings for 2014 and beyond! 

Kim, Dr. DeClutter



Merry Christmas, from Me and The Claus’s!

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Me - Christmas w MrMrsClaus at Shores 12-2013

I wish you a lovely Christmas, no matter how you choose to spend it.

Blessings to you and yours,



Tips to Stay Stress Free During the Holidays

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christmas - hsbg woman screaming

The holidays can cause total chaos and turn into a stressful occasion if you’re not careful. This year, take care of yourself and use these tips for staying stress free during the holidays.

Stress Free Holiday Tip #1: Stay healthy.

Focus on your health during this holiday season and it will probably make a much bigger difference than you could ever imagine. Pay attention to what you eat. Stay away from junk food and nibbling throughout the day. It’s hard not to taste-test your dishes, but remember that every bite adds up to pounds and inches.

Stress Free Holiday Tip #2: Stay fit.

Make a special effort to hit the gym as often as possible. The holidays are a stressful time and everyone is rushing around in a flurry of commotion. Stop and make time to stay fit. Even if you can only fit in a 30-minute workout twice a week, that’s better than nothing. You can work out a lot of your frustrations in a single 30-minute workout.

Stress Free Holiday Tip #3: Stay calm.

When you feel anxiety rising, take a deep breathe and hold it in for a ten count. Slowly release your breathe, then take another deep breath in. Repeat this simple exercise three or four times, until you feel calm again. Remind yourself that you are only one person. You can’t do everything all at once or on your own. If you need help, ask for it. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself calm.

Stress Free Holiday Tip #4: Stay happy.

When you are stressed out to the max, it is difficult, at best, to find a ray of sunshine. However, if you are unhappy, everyone around you will notice this. Follow the three tips above, then smile. Sometimes smiling, even when you don’t feel like smiling, will lighten your mental load. Give it a try. Smile and be happy.

Stress Free Holiday Tip #5:  Don’t do it all.

We often overload ourselves during the holidays, promising to bake cupcakes for school, cook dinner for all the family, volunteer at the shelter and buy gifts for everyone we’ve ever known.  There really is no need to do so much.  Yes, it’s great to give back but do it within reason and don’t stretch yourself too far.

Try to remember what the holiday season really is all about and take some time to relax and enjoy this special time of year.


How to Relax into Focus when You Feel Stressed

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stress - stressed in words

Whether because of the holidays or any day(s) – when we’ve lost our way, lost focus on the goal, the prize, our everyday internal “center” and personal compass of balance, calm and direction, how do we get it back?

Simply relax into it.

“It” was not lost.

Our human minds get too busy, too worried, too “stressed”, too something  . . .  and we lose our footing on a very eternal focused and straight path.

Life can be hard. It can be a struggle some days.

Stop. Quiet your racing mind and B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

Take a deep breath right now.

yoga - gal in sunset

Innnnnn, and ouuuuuuut.  Just be. Just relax. Let focus, like a butterfly, land on you again. Then, take notice of it’s very sublte stirrings on your skin. You’ll know what to do.

Still not sure? One of the things I do that is really helpful when I feel lost or confused is decide on a very simple statement of what I want, then say, “show me how to do this, find that, figure this out… .” I then say “Thank you,” and let it go. The answer always comes.

Giving the answer, the solution no time-limit is very helpful too. Time limits create need, urgency and STRESS!!! Stress and urgency blocks our mind from letting, allowing the solutions in.

You must let go.

“If you’ve lost focus, just sit down and be still.

Take the idea and rock it to and fro.

Keep some of it and throw some away, and it will renew itself.

You need do no more.”

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes, best selling author, Women Who Run With The Wolves

“Only when your consciousness is totally focused on the moment

you are in can you receive whatever gift, lesson,

or delight that moment has to offer.”

~  Barbara De Angelis


Let me know if you need more than these kinds of guides. I work with people one-on-one by telephone. 


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