Where Are My Keys? – My Article Published in Miss Kitty’s (Red Hatters) Journal

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It’s always a joy to write articles for magazine, papers and journals.

I’ve enjoyed speaking to many Red Hat groups and conferences over the past decade. I had the great pleasure of meeting “Miss Kitty,” publisher, editor and more of Miss Kitty’s Journal for Red Hatters several years ago. She’s created a  lovely magazine helping to keep Red Hatters informed and entertained around the world.


My article,  Where Are My Keys? Don’t confuse “senior moments” with disorganization is the first of four articles in the Fall 2012 edition out now . This is the Colorado Edition. She has them in many other states too.

If you’re a Red Hatter, check out Miss Kitty’s site and magazine today!




Enjoy The Blue Moon And Blue Moon Tunes Tonight!

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Enjoying the blue moon isn’t hard for me. I love the moon. I can stare at it for hours in any phase.

How about you?

Where does the phrase “blue moon” come from? I looked it up. You can read a very good history of it here.

Since blue moons – the second full moon in a calendar month – don’t come along very often, I’ve collected some blue moon songs for you to enjoy while basking in the light of this awesome, lovely orb tonight. (Though “just” reflected light as it is.)

Oh, and if you want to view lots of blue moon images while listening to the tunes, click here and just sit back and enjoy.

The song “Blue Moon” was first recorded by The Boswell Sisters on January 15, 1935.  

Since then, it has been recorded by many artist including Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, Vaughn Monroe, Dean Maritn, Frankie Laine & Michel Legrand, Tony Bennet with Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Elvis Presley, Bob Dillan, Jeff Funk (the song performed in Grease), Rod Stewart, Cybill Shephard, and Django Reinhardt… to name a few! 

But, “Blue Moon” wasn’t always the same song, with the now familiar lyrics, that we know so well. Watch this short clip from MGM movies and read the information below it to find out its interesting history.

 Julie London does an awesome job too.  She has some great music.

The Marcels, 1961 version with fun retro images. 

My other favorite was written by my favorite folk singer, Nanci Griffith, “Once In a Very Blue Moon.”  Check out her “Once In a Very Blue Moon” album , it’s so great too.

 Photo: Someone created for Facebook. Thanks!

Get Holiday Stress Be Gone! ebook – Holidays Will Be Here In No Time!

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Get Holiday Stress Be Gone!

The Complete Self-Help Guide
on How to Change Your Holiday Experiences for GOOD! 

Stop Your Holiday Stress and Simplify in these 44 pages packed with mind and life altering tips for re-deciding for choice and balance. Great for use all year round. (Original title: Simplify Your Holidays)

Overflowing with check lists, to dos, ideas, tips and even assignments to help you enjoy your holidays more. Get waaaaaaaaaay ahead of them now!!

Click here to find out more and to order yours today.

“Kim, this book was just like being in one of your programs. The “BOC” breaks in your book are so fun and cute! HA! Great idea! I LOVE THE PICTURES, and suggesting the use of crayons instead of a pen on the worksheets was terrific. It really lightened me up!!”
~ Paula, School Teacher, Flint, MI

Enjoy Movies This Summer – New Or On DVD!

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I love movies. I love them best at the real movie theatre, but DVDs will do too.

A new friend has a big DVD library, so I borrowed away!  


TEMPLE GRANDIN – A must see! Unforgetable. Here’s her site and movie in left sidebar.  http://www.templegrandin.com/


THERESE – about the life of Saint Therese. Not a great movie, a skim of her life/diary. (Her family was so syrupy sweet that it felt creepy. Bless them however if they really were this lovely!) Mother Teresa took her name from St. Therese. I’m sure that the million seller book about her life/diary tells it better. It was “d by the Vatican” so must follow some very strict rules to make it way family friendly I’m sure. http://www.stlukeproductions.com/therese/index.html 

    Very cool that she was alive in the 1800’s when cameras were around already to see real photos of her. http://tinyurl.com/3sohs7e

FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN – From book w/ same title. Made it about 25 mins and then quit. Didn’t keep my interest. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0400435/


PEACEFUL WARRIOR – From the book WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR, story of Dan Millman’s revelations with the mystical. I met Dan at a book-signing years ago. Very nice guy. Movie? Great! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsS3cXGs2GQ

Dan’s site: http://www.peacefulwarrior.com/


KATE AND LEOPOLD – Sweet romance. A gift for my birthday!  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0035423/


GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING – Awesome! Reminds one not to gripe about kitchen work and house cleaning too!! Also a novel.




Enjoy movies alone or with others. Popcorn or not!

Just a nudge – always buy organic popcorn to keep from eating GMOs – genetically modified food – who knows what’s laced into it now! Stupid Monsanto!

New Children’s Book Teaches Computer Online Safety: Spider On the WEB

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I just got  my signed copy of a great news children’s book,  “Spider On the WEB.” What’s extra special about this book is that it’s written by my good friend, Mary Kaskie. Mary and I graduated from high school in St. Paul, Nebraska and get together with other friends at least once a year to catch up.

Mary (Berggren) Kaskie has been a teacher and now an elementary school counselor for over 25 years. She also has two great kids, so Mary knows children! “Spider On the WEB”, this lovely and fun, educational and timely children’s book was born out of Mary’s experience and belief that children learn and remember life’s important lessons best when taught through story form. Great for parents and grandparents as well as librarians and teachers to use as a learning tool with questions in the back of the book.

Book Reviews says:

“Spider On The Web” is a delightful story about Dissy, a cheeky, little monkey who meets up with an online spider in a chat room on the computer. Dissy makes some unwise decisions and gets herself trapped in a sticky spider´s web. Missy, the monkey´s conscience, tries to guide Dissy in the right direction. Watch as Missy turns into a superhero to help save the day. Educators and parents can use this book as a springboard to discuss the dangers of online predators and guidelines for computer safety.

Order Mary’s new book and let Dissy the monkey teach your children or grandchildren the right use of computers for their own safety.

Congratulations Mary! You’re helping parents and teachers help our children in the most creative of ways! 🙂

Borders Bookstore in Trouble? Organize Around the Things You Enjoy, Before They’re Gone!

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Borders Bookstore could close? Barnes & Noble close behind?

That’s blasphemy!

It was a big article in the paper recently.  Why this downturn?

Ebooks and electronic reading devices are taking their toll on our beloved book stores. A $550-million line a credit to keep Borders afloat may not be enough if we don’t buy more books at our local stores.

I’m a “real book” person. I have to flip pages, pick them up, stack them up, pile them around, dust them off, write and draw in them, highlight and dog ear them. That’s how my brain works best to remember information. I’m tactile and visual. I have to touch the page and feeeeel it. I’ve been told that I can highlight on an e-reading device. Sorry, it’s just not the same.

Captain Jean Luk-Picard always had a few “classic” real books from “the past” in his quarters. The rest? Paperless, e-reading all the way.

I’m not there yet. Don’t know that I’ll ever be.

I’ve offered lots of presentations at my local Borders too. What else can we do there!

If you want to see your favorite bookstores with real books in them survive and thrive… organize your time and money around buying your next books at the store instead of online or electronic always. Spend time browsing and being around other real book lovers and meanderers like me!

10 Most Common Money Mistakes in Divorce by Expert, Carol Ann Wilson

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“Take this marriage thing seriously –
it has to last all the way to the divorce.”

~ Roseanne Barr

Did you know that statistics show there are 1.2 million divorces in the U.S. every year? That means that every year, another 2.4 million people go through divorce. That doesn’t include the children, pets, in- an out-laws and all others affected emotionally and sometimes financially.

If the average cost of divorce is $20,000 per couple that means that Americans are spending $42 billion (yes, that’s billion) on divorces each year! AHHHHHHHHHH!

Stop losing your money, your mind and your mojo over personality and other “differences” gone south.

 If you have questions about your divorce, or need a “Divorce Survival Kit: How to Survive Your Divorce Financially” to help you through one, I want to introduce you to Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Carol Ann Wilson, professionally trained as a Collaborative Divorce Specialist and a Certified Financial Divorce Practitioner. She is a nationally recognized expert in divorce financial planning and have been quoted in hundreds of articles throughout the country. In addition, she works as a pre-divorce financial analyst/consultant through her consulting company, and is an expert witness in court.

She has a deep passion to help people, men and women, financially survive their divorce. We have all seen it happen, time and time again, after divorce, one spouse or another (sometimes both!) struggle to stay afloat. It is just not necessary.

See Carol Ann’s Bookstore and get Carol Ann’s 10 Most Common Money Mistakes in Divorce.

Memorial Day: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

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And I’m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.
~ Lee Greenwood

Click here and see Greenwood’s music video.

Remember our soldiers — men and women —

fighting for peace throughout the world.

Fun and Musical Books/CDs for Kids to Learn Math

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I love having clients, now friends, who are so creative.

Sandy Sartor is one of these. In an effort to help her very right-braincreative/learning children learn left-brain math, she created these very cool books!

Listen in Addition and Multiplication Sensation, move the mind, and the body, to learn snappy songs to number adding and multiplying. Great job Sandy!

Click here and find out more!

How is Your Achievement IQ? NEW BOOK: Achievement IQ Moments

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BOOK REVIEW:  Achievement IQ Moments by Mr. Achievement, Stanley Bronstein.

I love this book! A great read for anyone wanting to be reminded that no matter what happens in our lives, we can take the A.IQ leap to positively change our direction and destiny.

Bronstein interviewed 50 extraordinary people who have life and career stories proving that we can make a great life out of chaos, loss and confusion; that we can thrive wherever we are and look back over the detours and bumps and see that they all made sense to get where we are now.

Bronstein’s stories are 2-3 pages each. Quick reads and powerful real-life stories of people alive and well today, with dot com information to find each and learn more or even contact them!

This is the third in Bronstein’s books helping others get and stay on the path they truly want to live and experience, no matter what happens.

I highly recommend Achievement IQ Moments. Click here to order.


Achievement IQ Moments should be used in junior and senior high schools, colleges and as a gift for students and young people. Bronstein’s real-life stories of what others have done to get from there to here are positive, uplifting and practical. The choices his interviewees took to move through their personal tragedies, diversity and usual life-decision confusing times – to leap into the opportunities that created lives of success and joy – are brilliant role models for anyone, but so much more for those just starting on their life’s career paths. In fact, prisons might be a good candidate too!

What I love about Achievement IQ Momentsis that the stories of those Bronstein interviewed are not the “same old names and stories” heard too many times. They are fresh and alive, here and now. Each one teaches how A.IQ Moments moved them beyond stuck places, obstacles and disasters. They teach and show steps to success and awesome lives that we all can relate too and strive to use and become.

Achievement IQ Moments offers the reader great examples and proof of helping others, support “up the ladder” and “out of the pits” of life by others. It reminds over and over that no one does it alone, no one moves into the best places of life alone. It also reminds the reader to be proactive and ask questions to let others know help is needed!

Achievement IQ Momentsis written in short and sweet chapter stories, making it easy to read for any age, memorable and impactful.

In the dot com age, it’s nice to be able to follow up on each of the people in the stories of  Achievement IQ Moments for more information and/or to follow their lives and yet-to-unfold stories into the future. It makes it real and more personal too.

I’m all about underdogs! My favorite story of the many breakthrough stories in Achievement IQ Moments is Chapter 33, of immigrant and baker, Andrew Ly. What a wonderful story of one who kept on moving, even when everything said to stop, more than once, while carrying his family and others up the river of joy and abundance with him and his vision.

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