What Would It Take For You To Be This Persistent?

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Persistence is everything! Great little role model!!

I want to help you get and stay focused and persistent about your goals, dreams, wants and desires too.

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Declutter and Organize For Good “Chi”

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Does your house have good Chi?

It’s great to live in a home with great “flow” and harmony with our stuff and things. No clutter. No piles. Everything streamlined and humming perfectly, right? That’s good chi.

What’s “Chi”?

Chi (chee) is natural energy.

Just as everything is made up of vibrating molecules, chi/energy runs through our bodies as well as through our homes and through all space and things everywhere.

When it comes to our homes and living environments, the placement of furniture, plants, colors, texture and other items, creating balance and harmony in everyday life, are really helpful to create a good chi, a good energy flow that then makes us feel so much better.

org - living room

Benefits from good chi and flow in our homes

Creating harmony in our homes means giving everything focused attention and intention to get it there the first time, and them maintain it.

This kind of attention and intention in every area of your life is a must if you are to gain focus and clarity. Intention in your decisions, actions and choices. Intention is “What do you want to happen here?” “What do you ‘intend’ to happen?”

Everything in your home must have a definite answer to, “What is the ‘purpose’ of this?” “I don’t know” is not the answer! 🙂

How to get good chi

1) First, declutter and clear out everything that does not support you, your present and future life, and your joy. (Please recycle and donate so that others can use what you don’t want of course.)

2) Organize everything you can into the “homes” where they belong, and where they “live.”

3) Then, learn, read, study all the ways to make your space flow better and work for you.

4) Hire (by referral) someone who listens to you and works with your personality.

Please note that I have been hired to re-organize in homes and offices where they’ve already hired a Professional Organizer or Feng Shui consultant and because they didn’t listen to the client’s needs, the client still didn’t have a “functional” system and needed help again. Maybe the more important part of decorating and energy balancing is attention to “listening!”

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Feng Shui Tips

This is a good resource to find ideas for positioning furniture, etc. to make the flow of your space up your chi! Click to order.

book cover - Feng Shui that Makes Sense


Permission to Think “Expansively”, Not “Expensively”

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Permission to Think “Expansively”, Not “Expensively”

Do you have items in your house that you really don’t want, but they’re still “worth something?” You might think to wait and collect more stuff and have a garage or yard sale. Or, maybe sell it on Craigslist, Ebay, auction or other way.

I want you to think less about “how much you can get for it (maybe)” – expensively – and start thinking “expansively.” The “expense” incurred in trying to be savvy and getting a couple bucks from something needs to weighed against the “expense” it costs you in time, money (gasoline!) and energy. What else could you be thinking about and spending time on that would be so much better?

Option: Expand your vision of life. Give it away! Yes, give it to someone who will appreciate it and use it gratefully. This raises the worth of the item(s) to “full value” and “feels” good too. You have now made a great, kind and generous gift and offering to the world of another.

Bottom line — don’t let your possessions possess you!

When you “let go” of something, anything, you open a vacuum and “make room” for something better to come in its place. I’ve watched this happen in my life and others with great fascination. It’s kind of like if you want to redecorate a room you need to clean it out and shine it up to ready it for the new colors, flooring, paint, wallpaper, curtains, furniture, etc. My friend Sherry, for example, had cleaned out her closets to ready for the “better” to fill it back up. I’m glad that I could be one of the channels for this. She has a great new and different wardrobe now, hardly spending a dime!

WARNING: After you do this a few times and see how magically it works, you’ll want to get rid of lots of things!! Or, as one of my clients realized, she moved!


How Much Would You Pay for the Present? Try this Inner-Declutter Exercise

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During this time of year that has become all about giving and receiving presents it’s important to stop and realize the real gift of “present” itself.

Your “present”, your “now”  is priceless!

The price tag to unwrap your “present”  (your “here and now”) is to show up – “here and now.”

Showing up is impossible when our minds are cluttered and disorganized with past and future to dos, to gets, shoulds, regrets and so much more that distracts us from our joy of now.


Right now, take 10 seconds and just breathe – clear your mind of everything and just “be” here now. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.

Okay, how’d you do? 10 seconds. That’s it. Just 10 seconds.

Was your mind centered and quiet? Or, in just 10 seconds, did you find your thoughts leaping around like a monkey on steroids grasping everything from yesterdays mistakes, failures and regrets (should haves) from 20 years ago, to how much weight you need to lose, to your child’s school work, to your next vacation, to the coffee maker, to the holiday to do list, to….

Western culture and our mighty egos are obsessed with thinking and doing and knowing and fixing and controlling and activity and, and…. not being still and showing up…. for ourselves.

KEY: “Stop scaring yourself!”

All these rapid, rabid, incessant spinning thoughts tend to be fear-based. They (you) are scaring you.


Do you want to show up for yourself more often? To really be here for yourself in the moment (not in yesterday or tomorrow) to make life more present and real? 


Today, begin a new healthy and positive habit, pattern and routine where you just “be” for a few minutes at a time. No thoughts. No action. No “doing.” Begin to retrain your brain to stop and be okay with it, calming it and your whole being and body.

“We’re not human doings, we’re human beings!”

The more you practice just being, you will find a new you in there (there, being in your mind) and you’ll find new ways to interact with your world – doing a lot less “reacting” at the world. 

We are so much more than we can ever know, but we have to stop long enough to listen, be still and show up for ourselves to find out. 

“We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience,
we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Take Your Life Back 6 Week Jumpstart TeleCourse Starts August 4!

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The Law Of Attraction In Action – A Happy Birthday Day Reflection!

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What a grrrreat birthday I had last Saturday! Many thanks for all of your calls, emails, tweets, facebook texts, gifts, sidewalk well wishes and more.


I’m sharing this because I want you to see how a day can flow like butta’! How lovely that this was flowing on my birthday too! Every day should be so smooth! That’s my goal!!

Here was my awesome day. Having a birthday on a weekend is great!  

First… I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and knew I wasn’t going back to sleep, so, I got dressed and took a walk under the FULL MOON down to the lake – 1.3 mile walk, always good. The sunrise on the Rockies and Longs Peak was breathtaking as always.

Then, I went to the new Family Dollar on 17th and Hover (Longmont, CO) for their Grand Opening – the first 50 customers were to get a $5 Gift Card! Shoot! I’m there! I was 2nd in line – a beautiful Saturday morning to hang out. I ended up getting TWO GIFT CARDS! $10!! (Okay, I’m easy!) I felt like maybe they made a mistake. So after I spent one of them I asked if they wanted the other one back. They said no, that some people got two of them! Yea!

Then, I went to our lovely Longmont FARMERS MARKET. I haven’t been there yet this year. What a treat. I walked around, talked to friends, ate good samples, bought some fresh green string beans, sat and listened to the bluegrass band play while eating an organic brunch. Perfect weather and lovely morning!

Then, I went to Vitamin Cottage health food store on Main St.  It was their 10th Year Anniversary Celebration! So tons of great samples of everything I could eat and enjoy, bring home and enjoy trying lotions, potions and such for awhile.  Talked to friends and signed up for 2 raffles. When I got home, the phone was ringing – I’d won one of the gift baskets! WHOOT! (See photo above.) Yes, the new grocery bag was free too! Goooo Vitamin Cottage!

Then,  I figured, with all this awesomeness going on, I’d better leverage it, right? I went to Safeway to get some extra groceries and bought a few lottery tickets!

Guess what?

I checked the numbers online after 10 pm that night and…. no winners! : (  Oh, well!! ; )


What I became very aware of is how all of the lovely inflow of goodness happened during a 1/2 day when I wasn’t thinking of anything. Buddhists call this “no mind.” I was just doing the doing and enjoying it all without expectations or desires. A good example of childlike innocence and the Law of Attraction at work.

Thank you all again for blessing me with your love and gifts of friendship, support and joy!

Let me know about a “flow” day that you’ve had in the comment section, on your Birthday or not!



Write Your End-Of-Year Gratitude List!

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I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s. 
~ Henry Moore

Get out your colored pens and pencils and make your first or your fiftieth end-of-year gratitude list!

Never done one before? Great time to start!

It’s just too easy to let another year slide by and forget all of the good that has come into our lives, and all the good that we’ve done. Making daily gratitude lists are a good place to review and find the nuggets that you want to include.

This is a great exercise in remembering all the good in life, in your life, and even better, to take this good feeling into your new next year!

Make the time to sit and reflect over 2011 and be grateful, thankful, appreciative and kindhearted to yourself and your life experiences.

The good you get out of this will also be very helpful as you decide who you want to be for the next 365 days!




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