Use This Tool to Relieve Tax Time Stress – A Tax Time Checklist from SMEAD

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Paper. Receipts. Files. Documentation. STRESS. It’s tax time!

Here’s a novel idea… instead of struggling with it, just do the doing, let it go and enjoy your life!

It is what it is, and all the complaining we hear people do doesn’t change it.


I follow several office supply stores, I love office supplies. And SMEAD has a great TAX TIME page and FREE TAX TIME CHECKLIST for you.

They say, “Reduce your worries this year by following this step-by-step tax time checklist as you prepare your return or meet with your CPA or tax advisor.”

Checklist: Tax Time Checklist

Download Checklist

Review the checklist.

Download the checklist.


Do the doing.

Get your taxes done BEFORE the deadline!!


You’re welcome! 

By the way, SMEAD is women owned. You can tell. Check out all their cool lists and helpful paper/office organizing ideas!! Go girls!



The 5 Key Steps to Organize Your . . . Anything, Anywhere!

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Here’s what I know after years of helping others get organized. There are only a few basic or core organizing keys you need to use to organize anything. Ready?

1.  Have sorting containers ready into which to pitch!
2.  Choose the heap, lump, pile or stack you’re ready to declutter.
3.  Stick with this one pile until you’re done (keep piles to about an hour each so that you don’t get overwhelmed!)
4.  After finishing that pile, start on the next, or if done, move the containers out to where they’re going: donation, recycle, reroute, trash, etc.
5.  Shine and buff up your newly decluttered space and enjoy anew!

Got it?! Easy, huh!

Dive in! Enjoy!


NEED HELP KEEPING YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS A PRIORITY? Staying organized is high on the list!

phone - ear-mouth part only with cordI’d love to work with you if you just can’t seem to stay focused and on track with your daily decisions about getting and staying organized or anything else.

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Eat Healthier – Preplan and Bag It!

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mirror - woman walking by one looking at self

Post holiday weight worries can take up way too much of your time and energy.

Don’t call it a New Year’s Resolution, it’s too easy to “break it” and feel bad about yourself. Who needs more of that?

Just make a commitment to yourself to start afresh with your food plan this week.


Studies show that preparing your food for each day ahead of time lessens the chance for over eating and eating foods that are not good for you.

Take time to organizer and prepare your food to make a huge difference in your energy and emotions about and towards it.


Bag it! Take pint and quart zipper baggies, or plastic or glass containers (glass is always better than plastic) and portion out your food for the day. You can gain control over what you’re eating, as well as how much and the calories you eat, relaxing your mind and body to enjoy your food while taking care of yourself.

You can do this with fruit, veggies, snacks and more.

Bonus! You also waste less food and money by planning ahead. Good job!


Reuse your containers over and over again. Unless baggies have had raw meat in them, they can be washed and reused to save money and them from ending up in the landfill.


phone - ear-mouth part only with cordI’d love to work with you if you just can’t seem to stay focused and on track with your daily decisions about food or anything else.

I’m a PRIORITY COACH and will be happy to help you choose, redecide, plan and stick with it, whatever your end goal may be.  We’ll work together by phone… FIND OUT MORE HERE…




Thanksgiving Expectations, Be Gone! Less Stress Equals More Happy!

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Loosen up this Thanksgiving. Enjoy your friends and family and the quiet that engulfs a holiday. Don’t let perfectionism and “It has to be my way (or the highway!)” cost you your happiness and good relations with those around you.

At the same time, don’t let other’s too high of expectations ruin your day either.

It’s all about flow… no matter what! Sometimes it’s about stopping and regrouping, redeciding mid-stream. That’s absolutely okay to do. Laugh more. Love more. Enjoy more.


Discuss everyone’s needs and ideas for what they want to make the day work. Compromise and enjoy it more.

At the same time, do all that you can do, want to do and love to do to prepare, get ready and feel good about your holiday table and home, while at the same time, lighten up and know that something will be forgotten, missed, broken, spilled, smashed, crashed, dropped or eaten (by your dog). It’s okay.

broken plate



Next year? Too early? Never!

What this means is to take the time today and in the next few days after Thanksgiving to go back over your prepared lists and plans and see what you can alter for next year that will make it even easier, better and more stress-free for YOU and for others. The sooner you do this the better off you’ll feel year after year. And, that’s what gratitude looks like!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 


Oh! PS! If you really need an escape for some R&R (promo here!), my brother, Dave, and I bought the Old Town Guesthouse B&B and Conference Center in June. Come stay and get away with us!! I also offer private and group wellness and healing Retreats here. Contact me – – and let’s discuss your personal needs, or a group you’re part of that may like to come stay, play, get away and take the time for self-care; find answers and solutions to everyday issues in our Retreat Learning Center programs.

6 Things NOT To Do When Decluttering Your House

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org - clutter ann's basement USED

5 Things NOT To Do  When Decluttering Your House

1. Start Without A Plan

If you keep trying to jump into an emotionally deep well of piles and stacks from the past, you’re setting yourself up for overwhelm and a walk, or run, away experience within minutes. Been there done that already, right?

calendar page


Schedule uninterrupted time focused on one, doable, small area and “chunk” at a time. You can then “chip” away at it and really get it done and feel good about it when your time is up.

“I was so inspired after I heard you speak last week that I went right home and conquered several small piles in a few short 30 minute spurts of time. I feel so great! Thanks!” ~ Calli, Boulder, CO

2. Buy Lots Of Tubs And Organizing Systems First

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of lidded tubs/bins and containers for your “stuff and things” out there at all different price points. But, you really don’t know what you need until you start sorting through everything.


Sort through an area or whole room first. Use cardboard boxes to categorize like items. When you’re done, you’ll know what you need – size, shape, amount.


Then, when you do buy containers, especially tubs or bins with lids, buy a few extra than you think you need and keep the receipt should you need to take any back. If you buy them all at one time you are guaranteed they will stack correctly. If you buy at separate times the tubs can change design, they won’t stack right, will wobble and lids will crack over time.

3. Don’t Use Sorting Containers

If you don’t have sorting containers, like tubs or cardboard boxes designated for actions like, recycle, donate, returns, reroute, storage, etc., you’ll have to stop decluttering quickly as you have no where to put your sorted items.

org - labeled boxes USED


Get several containers and label them (tape on a piece of paper) with the basic topics as noted: recycle, trash, donate, reroute, give to a friend, deep storage, etc.. When a box is full, replace it and attach the sign and keep going.

“This tip really made all the difference. I could decide and pitch stuff into the designated boxes so quickly. Thanks for your Burn Your House Down teleclass so that I could join your class live!” ~ Janice, England

4. Keep Doing It Alone And Don’t Know What To Do With It So Stop And Never Get Back To It

Sometimes the sheer volume of piles, or history that triggers your emotions, is just too much for you to do it alone.


Ask for help. Get past any embarrassment or fear of judgement and just do it! Ask a friend or a professional organizer like me to help you decide, take action to sort faster, to let go of more than you might if alone, and to help process your emotions and stories while working away.

“I should have called you years ago, but was so afraid you’d judge me. Wow. You did not, it was all me! You were kind and compassionate and really didn’t see my clutter, you just focused on the solutions and we got the job done so quickly. Thank you. I love my home again.” ~ Pat, Colorado Springs, CO

 5. Your Keep Thinking “All Or None, It Must Be Perfect!”

How’s that workin’ for ya?! When you think something hast to be perfect, does that help you start the project any faster? Usually not. Perfectionistic, rigid thinking will only keep you from starting and keep you procrastinating waiting for the perfect time, containers, systems, etc.


There is no such thing as perfection. And, if you do create it, you have to maintain it! That can be exhausting. Do the doing of the above 1-4 which will make your space decluttered, organized, livable, and functional. Then, in some small area, make it “perfect!” Enjoy that little spot of Heaven. The rest of your house is to be lived in and decluttered daily to maintain it and “good enough” so that you can enjoy living in it.

 “Wow, calming down my “perfection button” really helped me to “just start and do it.” I guess I knew I was doing that to myself, but you really nailed it. I really like living in my home, not trying to make it something perfect that it doesn’t have to be and will never be, for long enough.” ~ Jana, Las Vegas, NV

6. Keep The Sorted Items For Donations Around Too Long

If you keep the bags and boxes of items you’ve sorted to go to donation or give away in the garage or in your house too long, do you start bringing items back in?

truck - driving away


If you can’t take the items yourself within a day or so to donation, call a donation/charity to pick up the items the same day or within 24-hours of your sorting to get boxes out of your environment to keep from sneaking items back into the house. You really will forget about them and you really don’t need them.


Red ticket in black handGet Your TICKET TO SHIFT! 

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Teleclass: How to Manage Hypothyroidism and Heal Hashimoto’s Disease

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stress - woman2

How much of your life is being ruined and lost every day by hypothyroid symptoms and/or Hashimoto’s Disease?


Are you ready to change that?

Your life may be stressed and cluttered due to health issues, and in this case, specifically a thyroid condition. Low thyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease steals your energy, brain focus, body, joy and life.

I’ve been there too.

As a Thyroid Health Advocate, and one who has had Hashimoto’s Disease and has hypothyroidism, I know the over 67 symptoms that destroy our lives. But, I also know how to heal most of them away and I want to share that with you. I’ve helped hundreds of people declutter their symptoms by understanding what lifestyle changes they need to make.

I know not everyone can attend my live workshops in northern Colorado, so I’m offering my workshop as a teleclass so that anyone, anywhere with a telephone, can attend.

I’m so happy to do this for the hundreds of people on my list and all those I hear from weekly who are beside themselves with overwhelming symptoms and doctors who don’t know how to help them.

NOTE to current Get Your Life Back! Manual customers.

Do you already have my Get Your Life Back! Reset Your Thyroid Health Manual?  Great! But, how have you been doing with the Thyroid Reset Diet and other lifestyle changes? If you need a boost, or nudge to get going on the Thyroid Reset Diet, sticking to the necessary lifestyle changes and to taking care of yourself better, this teleclass will be helpful. Register and get the teleclass and added information that will be helpful for your lifetime of getting your life back.

Join me Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Get the answers you are looking for to get your life back.


 How to Manage Hypothyroidism and Heal Hashimoto’s Disease

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 This program will be recorded for replay.

If you can’t make the live call you will get the replay within 48 hours of class.

Don’t lose another day to devastating thyroid symptoms.

I look forward to seeing you at this information packed teleclass!

Knowledge is the antidote to fear, and in this case, the key to your health and life.


My good thoughts for your best health always,


Thyroid Patient Advocate

Visit my blog for free articles on thyroid health:


10 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your House!

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heart - big read one

Does your house know that you love it?

When I’m working with a client to help them declutter and get organized I say lots of things to help them shift their beliefs and habits of holding onto past stuff and things, including this:

Do you love your house? Does it love you back?

So, I’ll ask you. Look around. Do you? Does it?

Too many people live in homes that should be their love and joy, their retreat from the world “out there,” and a place to relax, call “home” and even show off once in a while. But, they don’t.

Many people live in homes that are cluttered, tired, worn, piled and stacked with indecision and inaction. They are far from in love with their space and “things” and sometimes really hate it. (Partly why I call my organizing workshop, “Burn Your House Down!”)

And, that’s sad.

So, I’m going to offer you some ways to fall back in love with your dwelling. Ready? Let’s go.

 10 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your House!

writing - in binder

1. Take a notebook and pen and go into each room of your home. Stand and look at each room separately and write down what needs to go, stay and happen to get it rearranged, decluttered and reorganized to make you happy. Write down how you really want to use each room and how, if it were really how you want it, it would look and feel when at that future place.

2. Choose a room and start to declutter – one room at a time. Schedule the time to do the doing – it will always take longer than you think. Move out what is old and unused, declutter the past, and make the room refreshed.

3. Only keep or have in a room/area what is necessary, functional and what you enjoy.

4. You may need to redecorate too to bring the room back up to happiness and to update its “look”: paint, wall paper, recarpet, etc. to refresh it.

cleaning - spray bottles and gloves

5. Maybe there are areas that just need a good cleaning. Do it! Clean windows, polished wood, vacuumed carpets and shiny floors make a house look so much better, and can make you feel better too.

6. Ask for help. Whether you have family or friends come over to help (have a party!), or hire an organizer like me, make it part of your plan so that it goes faster and easier and you get it done. Get past any embarrassment, just do it!

7. Use the 80/20 Rule. Don’t plan on loving 100% of your home, no one does. If you can love 80% of your home and just not struggle with the 20% that isn’t awesome, you’ll be living in heaven!

Why? Because, there’s not 100% about anything or anyone that is perfect 100% of the time. 80% is great.

8. Love your home more easily by having less to deal with and maintain. 90% of life is maintenance. So, the less you have to deal with and keep “happy”, keeping it organized, fresh, in working order, etc., the more time, energy and space you have to put towards what you really want to be, do and have while enjoying your home.

9. Enjoy your home more often with others, even when it’s not perfectly finished, clean or decluttered. No one cares, but they do care about you. Life’s very short. Share your home with others so that you can enjoy them. That’s what’s important.

10. Stop, be grateful and tell your house you love it. Create one area, room, corner or space in your house where you really love to sit and can relax into your dwelling. Make a little cove where you do feel loved in your home always. De-stress there and create more spaces like it until your whole house is a love nest!… loving you back. Remember to be very grateful for a roof, walls and floor; heat, a/c and water; appliances, beds and closets – with all that stuff in them. I tell my apartment that I love it often, out loud. It always loves me back.

Give your lovely home – apartment, trailer, house boat, cabin, loft, studio, tent, camper, RV, McMansion or castle – allll your love so that it can love you back every day.


What if you feel that even if it were, or is, completely organized you’d still not “in love with it?” Then, two options:

moving - org - car and trailor loaded

a) move into a house that is better for you, or

b) move your mind into a place of acceptance and stop struggling with what is.


Red ticket in black handReady to change, transform and shift gears?


If you’re stuck, frustrated or need help with organizing or other life goal areas, I’ll work with you One-on-One, PRIORITY COACHING, by Phone.

If you need help SHIFTING any area of life, I will help you re-decide, create a strategic plan of action to make the changes you desire and support you in staying accountable to your decisions.

If not now, when? Find out how I can be your Priority Coach here.

5 Steps To Enjoy Your Home Now, Not In Retrospect!

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house - repair tools

How many people do you know who never got to their home “to do” list — to clear our, clean up, declutter, paint, varnish, repair, add on, take down, whatever changes they wanted for their homes — until they had to, or chose to move!

I had neighbors once who did the big changes to their home every time a child graduated. A finished basement. A new kitchen. A new garage for the graduation party. But, each of these children didn’t get to enjoy the upgrades. These projects were also done in haste and some never really finished.

It could be a small thing, like painting a wall the color you’ve always wanted, but just haven’t done it. Redecorating a bathroom.  Clearing out a closet of the past or just clutter. Letting go of years of school and college books you never read then… and won’t in the future!

Time keeps happening with or without your action on good ideas and intentions.


  1. Write your list of all the things you’d like to do in your home, big and small.
  2. Plan on doing “one” project on your list at time.
  3. Get the prep tools  and materials you need for that one project. Or, hire someone to do it!
  4. Then, schedule out the time, create a real deadline for yourself to FOCUS on them.
  5. Do it! Don’t let anything distract you from doing the project . . . before you move!

What to dos do you want to get to-done?

book cover - BYHD


Find more organizing ideas and steps to sanity in my ebook, Burn Your House Down!





Organize Your Finances – Get Your Credit Score For Free

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money - bills and credit card by wallet

Do you know what your credit score is?

Is 300 better or worse than an 850 credit score?

Do you know why you need to know?

Whether for your personal life and/or business life, you need to know your credit score.

  • Your credit score is a three-digit number derived from detailed information about your credit history, and it can be one of your most valuable assets.
  • Your credit score will play an important role in your financial future: it can mean the difference between being able to purchase a home with a mortgage or having to continue renting.
  • It can also drastically affect the rate of interest you pay on your loans (car loans, home loans, privately consolidated student loans, etc.). The higher (and better) your credit score, the less interest you will have to pay each month and overall.
  • Your credit risk is evaluated, largely by reference to your credit score, any time you apply for a credit card or any type of loan. Keep in mind, though, that landlords, utility companies, and potential employers may also take this information into account.
  • A poor credit history may mean having to make a large deposit in order to open an account with the electric company or to sign a new lease. It could even mean the loss of job opportunities.

Various organizations provide different credit scores, though all are similarly calculated. The FICO score is the best known and most widely used credit score. A FICO score ranges from 300 to 850, and those with scores of 740 and higher are typically entitled to the best interest rates.

So, how can you get your credit score today, for free?

According to The Wall Street Journal, a handful of companies are launching services that give consumers at least a glimpse at their credit scores free of charge and also offer a window into the key factors that go into calculating your score, what you can do to improve them and how your credit stacks up against others. Here are three: Inc.

Credit Karma Inc.’s



Personal Finance @ Duke

The Wall Street Journal



Do you need help getting your vital documents in order? Order my ebook to get organized quickly and de-stress over these life issues that affect you and yoaur family every day. How To Organize Important (Vital) Documents.



Happy Valentine’s Day To Your House! Does It Know How Much You Love It?

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heart - big read one

Happy Valentine’s Day! . . . whatever that means to you of course!

What does it mean to your house?

When you look around your house, does it feel loved and loving? If you treated yourself the way your house looks most of the time, how would you feel? Loving? Lovable? Or, do you hate it, or parts of it. Do you ignore areas, just close the doors or don’t go there anymore so that you don’t have to decide and deal with it?


stress - stressed in words

All this resistance to dealing with your stuff in your home causes stress. We can’t afford to let more stress into our lives and enjoy them too.

It’s too easy to let our castles get cluttered and disorganized, piled up and “crappy!” Well, you know the answer right? No, it’s not move or burn the house down! … though, Burn Your House Down! is the title of my organizing class and ebook on the subject of getting organized. No. You don’t get to run away and hide from years of negligence to the relationship with your house, your home.


Since decluttering and being organized is a measure of loving yourself and your home, taking a few steps every day to get it straightened out will go a long way to bring the love back.

Commit to the love!…

1. Pick one area, pile, heap, disorganized area at a time.

2. Schedule uninterrupted time – no phone/computer/kids, etc. – and set aside at least 30 minutes at a time. (I’d normally say 15-20 minutes, but most people just don’t think that’ll get much done, so go for the 30 minutes and add on!)

3. Get a few sorting boxes if needed so that you can stay in one place and do the doing and not get up and leave — and not come back!

4. Take one “chunk” at a time from your pile and decide :

  • Where does it LIVE?
  • Where is its HOME?
  • Does it even belong in my house any more?
  • Do you love it, use it, enjoy it, care about it enough to take up prime real estate in your home for another 20 years?
  • If you just are not using items, let them go, a) into the real trash (really broken down stuff only) or, b) donate.  Let the thrift employees toss out things they can’t sell. They have big dumpsters!

5. Keep taking one more chunk at a time in the area you’re working in and on. Add a little more time and finish the job.


One space at a time. Look around. Doesn’t that feel better?

Your home can only LOVE YOU BACK when you take care of it with LOVING CARE.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from your home!

heart - big read one


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