Time to Declutter “My” Closets!

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Time to release some cool stuff of mine to someone who will really love and cherish them even more! Some has been sold already, but a few items left!

If you don’t see them in the posts immediately below, just CLICK HERE or  GO TO THE RIGHT SIDEBAR —–> AND UNDER “CATEGORIES” SCROLL DOWN TO “Stuff for Sale” AND CLICK IT! You’ll find them all in one place!

I decided to declutter some of my “stuff.” Feel free to shop!

But, more importantly, you can do it too!


Go through your belongings that you just don’t use any more, even though they’re lovely and still very useable. Maybe you’ve inherited “stuff” from others over the years that is weighing you down. Take some time, a few pictures, and put them on Craigslist, eBay, your blog, have a garage sale (invite friends and neighbors to do it with you and have a big one!)

Cull out the old and make room for the new, or, better yet, make room for nothing at all. Just leave s-p-a-c-e for life!

Repurpose Hats: Organize and Decorate the Walls at the Same Time!

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Sunny, one of my clients, has a lot of great hats that she loves wearing in the summer, but, they are easily forgotten as they are in a bin that gets stacked on top of.

So, we had a cool idea while organizing her garage. She had one hat up on the wall already, so we added more nails and vwalla! How fun! She can see and reach them and remember to use them more often, plus, they are also decorative and lovely to look at every day!

What can you take out of closed storage and bring out into open storage and enjoy several ways?

Decorate Your Home Like a Pro in Jill Vegas’ School of Speed Decorating Course

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Want to learn how to redecorate your home like a pro from the pro?

Register today for The School of Speed Decorating – a 4 week course for the Impatient Decorator who just wants easy-peasy solutions for every room in their home.

Next course begins today,  September 17, 2012http://www.speeddecorate.com/


Jill is the best seller of 

Speed Decorating: A Pro Stagers Tips and Trade Secrets for a Fabulous Home in a Week or Less.




Clutter and Older Adults: A Problem and Safety Issues

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Whether it’s because of hoarding, or just ignored, an older adult may not notice their stacks and piles at some point. But, these forgotten messes – of furniture and on furniture – on the floor, on chairs and couches, beds and overflowing, or never opened closets are a safety hazard for them, and for the possible firefighter is the house catches fire.

Plus, it keeps a person from enjoying life.

The longer people live, the more years of possessions they can gather around them.

We’re now in an aging country in the USA. In 2011, the first of the baby boom generation reached what used to be known as retirement age. And for the next 18 years, boomers will be turning 65 at a rate of about 8,000 a day. ~ AARP

How many areas of “stuff” that runneth over do you have, including up and down stairs, back sheds and garages that are filled with yesterday’s “I’ll deal with it later” piles and stacks?

As an organizer, I’ve been in plenty of homes with this problem. Some people are just stuck in it, others can start the process of moving and changing, but either way, it’s not easy.


If this person is you,

  1. schedule time every day to start movement of those piles
  2. focus on one pile at a time
  3. do something with it, don’t “trance out” and walk away
  4. make a decision and make a difference with that pile

If you can’t do it yourself, that is, you “trance out” (a normal response to time, emotions, too much and overwhelm) and nothing happens for one more day, call family or friends, or a professional organizer to come help you.


  • You deserve to be stress-free from clutter.
  • You deserve to be stress-free from disorganization.
  • You deserve to live in a lovely, happy, spacious home, no matter what size it is.
  • You deserve to have family and friends over to visit, play and enjoy your home too!
  • You deserve to relax and enjoy your life.


These two issues, culminating in grief and despression for many, can keep things stuck in our lives.

  • Find a way to get out and meet new people.
  • Clean up your space, even one or two main rooms, enough to have people over so that the lonliness can desolve.


If your body hurts, won’t bend, or whatever health issue you may have that keeps you from caring or picking up your stuff, it might not get better soon.

  • Ask for help: Invite family or friends over to help you (ask them not to judge or be rude to you!)
  • Pay for help: Hire a professional organizer to help you get things done quickly

Dr. DeClutter Organizing Services – Available locally and to travel anywhere you are!

Declutter and Reorganize Old Piles Around the House and Yard – Spring Clean Early!

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Everyone has stuff sitting around somewhere . . . small piles in the back office storage cupboard to big piles in the garage or outdoors leaning up against buildings!

You have them, right?

  • Items and stuff that take up space
  • Things that no longer work
  • Things you’ll never use again
  • Stuff that needs a re-decision
  • Stuff that needs a proactive nudge to move on and out!

Get honest and be ruthless! These items may not seem to bug you, but they do.  They cause an inner clutter hum of sorts. Feelings of stress, anxiety, feeling bad about yourself, guilt, etc. Sometimes even resentment in the case of items with memories that stay fresh every time you look at them. And… they may be bugging your family members or even neighbors too! Have you had arguements or fights over this stuff?

Stop the madness!! 🙂 It’s spring. Move old stuff out and release all that old yucky inner clutter while you’re at it… along with the outer clutter!


This time of year is the perfect opportunity to declutter your home, spring clean and make room for the stuff that you actually do use!  — However, I’m not giving you permission to just go buy more stuff just because you have room! Leave space open and enjoy it!


1. Schedule uninterrupted declutter time (ask for help if you need it!)

2. Get it all piled up and ready to go in sorted sections:

    a) Stuff that goes to others to whom it belongs! Remember that picnic basket you borrowed 5 years ago from you neighbor? Give it back!  🙂

    b) Donation. Take or call for a pick up.

    c) City trash/dump. Check your city’s bulk trash pick-up date.  Call or go online. It’s like magic really! You get it out there, and City Elves come take it away!! 


Here’s for my county, Boulder County – http://www.cdphe.state.co.us/hm/hhwcollect.htm


Notice CHARM services on that page for toxic items too. Very important. http://www.ecocycle.org/

Re-Organize Your Christmas Wrappings Now and Give Away

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Over 9 billion dollars was spent on gift wrapping alone last year! YIKES! And, unfortunately, 99% of it bad for landfills and won’t be degrading anytime soon.

It’s easy to accumulate too many rolls of wrapping paper, too many bows, and now outdated bags and tags, holiday colored baskets, etc.  It also might be that you just don’t wrap and give gifts like you used to.

But when do we go through them?


As soon as you can, before you pack it all away to forget about it for another year, take an hour or two and go through all of your gift wrapping stuff, boxes of boxes, etc.

Then, what to do with it?

Give them to friends with bigger families and kids who will enjoy them!

I did that today. Some of the items are just stunning bags and boxes, but I’ll just never use that many any more. (I have always bought them during the big after Christmas sales so they were very inexpensive, yet lovely.)

Since I couldn’t leave today for Christmas as planned (snow, icy roads) I took the opportunity to go through all my closets and storage bins of C’mas wrapping, bows, boxes, accessories and culled them out. I’m giving about 20% to friends of mine who can use them next year. Feels great! Plus, BONUS #2 – I know what I have now too!

My friends have teenage daughters who will love all that extra lovely stuff, and it doesn’t cost them a penny!

It was really fun to do it. It was like going through treasure chests! I forgot two little Christmas music boxes, that are also gift card holders, that I love. I wound them up and enjoyed them!

Oh, and don’t forget to go through your Gift and/or ReGift Box too! You may find some last minute items in there to give yet this year.

Now, with everything reorganized, it’s easier to remember, find and use next year. That’s priceless!

PS  Don’t give what you’ve culled out to thrift as it’s too late this year. They have no where to store it and it will be trashed. Just give it away directly to friends, Girl Scouts (who wrap presents for free at Christmas) or others who will enjoy it.

Go On A Shopping Trip – In Your Own Home!

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Okay, here it is!! Holiday shopping madness season!

If you didn’t do it all on Black Friday, you have weeks to go yet, right?

I want to offer you a very cool tip on finding stuff for free!! Yes FREE!! Whether you’re shopping for the holidays or any event… save money, time and nerves the next time you need to shop for clothing, especially when you have children.


1.  Declutter.
Yes, you heard me! When you declutter piles and heaps and boxes of stuff and things in closets, garage floors and attics you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find that you forgot to give in the past or bought two of along the way, someone gave you and you’ll never use, or… whatever!

2.  Plan on REGIFTING!
Create a “Gift Box” and put these items in it for “regifting”. Yes, REGIFTING! Why spend more money and mental anquish over things you already have!

3.  Box and Label for Future FREE Stuff!
When you get and stay organized by boxing and labeling you seasonal clothing – and children’s clothing that can be worn the next year by the same or another younger child– you will save yourself plenty of time, energy and money by going into your storage boxes and bins and finding most of what you may need “before” you go store shopping.

Yes, we already own most of what we need; we just don’t remember where we put it! So, the more organized you are and the better categorizing and labeling you do when organizing, you will find much of what you need right in your own square-foot-heaven.

This includes all kinds of items, like tape, pens, batteries, flashlights, supplies of all kinds, gloves, etc. When you keep items in “categories” and “contained” in boxes, tubs, bins and baskets, and “label” them so that everyone in the house can find them and put them back when done using the items (teach everyone!) you’ll waste less money, time and mental energy trying to locate and use what you already own.

Happy (in-home) Shopping!

Don’t Put It Down, Put It AWAY!

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One of the key organizing tips I can give you is this, “Don’t Put It Down, Put It AWAY!”

When you’re coming in from the car or going from room to room, don’t set things down, they tend to stay where you put them and grow!

Everything should have a “home.”

Everything should “live” somewhere.

Wherever that home is, take it there immediately, or at least by the end of the hour or day so that piles don’t start growing and get out of hand into heaps and mounds.

DeClutter Your Wardrobe For A Simpler, Happy You!

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Take advantage of this transition time – the beginning and end of seasons – for your wardrobe.

Schedule an hour or more to declutter your wardrobe, especially if you need to move clothes from room to room and try them on. Have appropriate undergarments on, fresh makeup, clean hair and all of your shoe options. Why? Because if you try clothes on you want to see yourself in the mirror “as if” you were going to go out wearing those clothes. You want to really see how they look on you for real! 

Use your bed to layer clothes from the closet and drawers one pile at a time.


If you don’t have containers in which to put your sorted decisions you’re going to be no further along than you were before you start. Here are eight helpful sorting containers.

1. KEEP – Plastic, lidded bin:  Unless the keepers are going right back onto the hanging rod, whatever you’re keeping that may be for next season or different sizes (you may be losing weight and don’t need to buy more clothes in another 5-10 lbs, you already own them!), use bug, rodant and dust proof plastic bins*. LABEL the bins accordingly so that you don’t waste time in the future opening them to remember what’s in them.

   *If you know you might have a couple of bins worth of keepers, buy like plastic bins all at one time, keeping the receipt for returns. This helps with stacking them. If they are all alike they will stack perfectly, if they are different brands and styles, they can rock and crack lids, etc.

2. TRASH CAN:  This is for clothing that is soiled or torn, buttons or other adornments missing or so worn that truly no one else would ever wear it! (See #5)

3. FIX IT – Alterations, Mending, Repair: Buttons missing, hems needing stitching, etc. need a place to call “HOME” until you’re ready to do the job or you take them to your tailor.

4. SELL:  Consignment store, Ebay, Craigslist… there are numerous choices for selling pieces that are in good condition.

5.  DONATION* THRIFT/CHARITIES Boxes (cardboard boxes or trash bags):  Mark DONATION on the box so that it’s easy to remember which container is for what. Cardboard boxes or trash bags are best as you will not be getting them back. In order not to have to deal with a crunchy, mushy trash bag use a box first, then when it’s full put all those clothes into a trash bag, move that bag out of the room (mark it with a tag or tape a labeled piece of paper to it so that you know what it is), then start to refill the same box again.

   *Donation Tip: What to give to thrift or charities? Unless the clothing is so soiled, ripped or really worn out, give it to donation. Let them decide. Some charities sort through clothing and send to missions across the world where they are happy to take clothes with some imperfections just to have clothes. So, don’t assume anything, just put it in the donation box.

    DONATE for others wardrobe job hunting success. Read article here.

6. GIVE AWAY to friends: You might have a friend or family member who can wear them. Put their name on a container and have them come over and go through them, or ship them.

    GIVE AWAY to strangers: FreeCycle.Org  is a fun way to give and get what you’re looking for in your local community.

7. SHWAPPING PARTY! : When you put SHOPPING and SWAPPING together, you get SHWAPPING! Plan ahead with friends and their friends to get together a one house, bring all the clothes each of you have culled out of your wardrobes and then shop and swap! A nice way to enjoy others, deepen social connections and get new clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and more… for free!

8. GARAGE SALE: If you’ve had a garage sale, you know that you have to really have the time and enough “stuff” to make it worthwhile, and “stuff” that can actually be sold. Clothing is not a big seller at most garage sales, so I don’t highly recommend this.

After sorting into the above containers and moving them out of your room, you will be left with the clothes that you love, that love you back, that fit and that are lovely.


Now, reorganize your sorted “keeps” into drawers and closets in a way that you easily get to them and use them this season. 


While looking at your newly decluttered and refreshed wardrobe, you may find that you are missing important pieces to go with slacks, tops, skirts, etc. Take notes of what you need to make “outfits” work for you. Making this list now helps you to watch for clearances, sales and other shopping deals where you can complete your wardrobe but not pay top dollar and not go another year not wearing one piece because you didn’t have the complimentary pieces.

Have fun with your happy new closet and wardrobe!!


Where To Donate Used But Good Dress Clothes To Help Others

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Is your closet bursting with clothes are are still good and could enjoy a second life?

Whether you’re retiring from decades of 9-5 work, working from home more and not needing all those dress clothes, or just don’t wear them anymore – but they’re still in very good shape – take the time to donate them to women (and men) who can use them for job interviewing and their new job wardrobe.


Thank you, Carol Levine for telling me about Dress For Success – its mission it to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women through career development and employment retention. And, as we know, we need nice clothes to help us with job searches and to feel good about ourselves! Cool, huh?!

Dress for Success has more than 105 affiliates in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Poland and the West Indies.

Find out if there is a location near you, or help to start one!


Also, contact your local Chamber of Commerce and ask if there is a similar service in your community.

It’s a great feeling to know that the clothes that have served you so well for a long time can be moved onto someone who will be helped to feel good about themselves and be seen as professional by their new employers and co-workers!

Plus, think of all the room you’ll have in your closets for clothing that is best for your lifestyle now!

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