Declutter for Your Health, Stealth and Wealth

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What is keeping you from getting your finances organized?


When we keep dumping our projects, junk mail, stuff and things and not maintaining an organized space, we risk forgetting where we put important papers, losing vital documents and creating a general health, stealth and wealth hazard that will kick us in the butt soon enough!

And, if our heaps and piles have been sitting in the same place for much too long, we are running the risk for a myriad of problems that, thank goodness, can be remedied easily.


Why a health hazard?

When you let things pile up there are other problems in the places you ignore that are piling up too, namely

     1. dust

     2. microscopic “dust mites” that live in dust (ew)

     3. mold, mildew – possible fuzzy, growing things if there is moisture and/or food of any kind

     4. bugs, spider and cob webs

     5. mice and other vermin

     6. bacteria and germs

These problems can cause you several more problems, like health issues.

Enjoying clean air in our homes is not only nice, it’s important to our health. The more dust, mold and unwanted critters you have on and under your unmoved piles add to allergies, respiratory problems and more.


Stealth means a lot of things, but I mean it as your way of moving through your life streamlined, with peace, calm, flow and without struggle. That is impossible without taking control of areas of clutter in our homes. Paper is one of the worst.


Clutter promotes poor air quality and the growth of things like mold that can affect your health. Allergens, germs and vermin all love disarray and all can wreak havoc on your body.

When I walk into a clients home where there are old papers, “memorabilia” items from long ago, mold, mildew, etc. I get a stuffed nose and head within minutes. I’m kind of a canary in the coalmine for bad air quality. I have had to wear a face mask on a few occasions.

health - face mask

Poor health affects your work and, in turn, your financial well being. A general cleanup and reorganization can help get you back to your healthy, productive self.


1. Schedule time to deal with it. And by “dealing with it” I mean decide, declutter and reorganize.

house cleaning - broom and dust pan w dust bunny

2. Clean up. Get out the cleaning supplies and dust, sweep, vacuum, etc. Get the dust and dust bunnies, cob webs and possible bugs and mouse droppings (ick) cleaned out before putting things back.


Dampen your cloth with a misting of water, so as not to harm wood, dust and dry the wood immediately, or use furniture polish.

house cleaning - feather duster

Don’t blow dust off things, use a dry cloth or feather dusters as these methods of dusting only “poof” the dust into the air, having it come down to land somewhere else, and in your lungs.


It is very worthwhile to invest in a the best kind of vacuum cleaner, the non-bag kind with a filter that won’t kick the fine dirt, silt and dust that it picks up back into the house.

If you do have a vacuum cleaner with filter bags, make sure to change them regularly, before they are bursting and over-full to help keep down the amount of particles thrown into the air. If you aren’t careful in this area, your indoor air can actually get worse after a vacuuming due to all the dust getting kicked back up into the air.

house cleaning - dirt devil vac

You can buy an expensive one, like Dyson, or less costly, that work very well like a Dirt Devil. I love mine and it works great.

Plus, while it’s obvious to vacuum carpets, it’s as important to regularly vacuum other home items like fabric furniture, drapes, throw pillows, dog beds and anything of fabric. Smaller hand held vacuums, like a Black & Decker with the enclosed dust holder (not bags) can also be used for the draperies, etc.

house cleaning - black and decker hand vac


By the way, enclosed bags pick up tons more than a paper/material bag. Tons more. You’ll be shocked and amazed at how much!

3. Keep it clean. Maintain all areas on an ongoing basis as all of the above aspects due to ignoring an area can and will start happening again.

Love your space organized and it will love you back, keeping you healthy, stealthy and wealthy. At least it will give you a better chance at being in control of  these areas, creating an efficient, effective life.


Dr. Oz Finally Agrees With Me! Women – DO NOT Put Your Cell Phone In Your Bra! Cancer Risk

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Dr. Oz finally agrees with me!

Cancer risk.


Especially young girls/women.

Cancer Surgeon Specialist agrees. “Is this just the tip of the iceberg? 21 year old women getting breast cancer, right where they “store” their cell phone in their bra!”

Cell phone companies say to keep cell phones at least a 1/2 inch from your skin.

See Dr. Oz clip here. 




MOVIE: Genetic Roulette — The Gamble of Our Lives – See for free until Nov. 9

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Be informed about the food you eat and choices you need to make to stop GMOs

from your food supply affecting you and your family.


The Producers of this film are allowing a FULL and FREE viewing through 11/9/13.

Genetic Roulette — The Gamble of Our Lives – why all health problems/inflammation


During A Disaster, Question Early Solicitors – Advice From Longmont, CO Police During Recent Flood

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salesman - illustration

During a disaster there is enough stress, worry and fear, we don’t need people “coming to our rescue” with great deals on home repair or whatever.

Due to our devastating flood this past week in 15 northern Colorado counties, the vultures are out and scouting weak prey. So very sad.

But, you can guard against them and take care of yourself and your bank account. This information is relevant anywhere.

First, please be cautious. You don’t have to make rash decisions.

Here is what else our Longmont Police Department shared in our newspaper this week to do to be safe.

LONGMONT POLICE: Be cautious about solicitors entering their neighborhoods.

Solicitors are required to possess an active City of Longmont sales and use tax license, Cmdr. Jeff Satur said. He said that any resident who has questions about whether a solicitor has a tax license may call 303-651-8672.

Satur reminded residents that it is unlawful to solicit from any private residence where a sign is conspicuously displayed with the words “NO SOLICITORS” or “NO SOLICITING.”

“It is also unlawful for a solicitor to remain and refuse to leave immediately after being requested by the resident to leave, whether or not any signs are displayed,” Satur said in a press release.

“If someone at your door is suspicious, ask for a business card and get a description of the person and any vehicle, if you can safely obtain one,” Satur said. “Call the police non-emergency number at 303-651-8501. Try to provide height, build, hair color, and clothing above and below the waist, license plate, type and color of a car — any details that allow the police to pick out the person from everyone else out there.

“It is always a good practice not to open the door to someone you are unfamiliar with. If you have a screen door, leave it locked. Do not invite anyone into your residence.”

Satur said it might be necessary for the resident to testify in court if a ticket is issued for a violation that occurs before police are called.

Article here.

How To Replace Important Papers Lost In The St. Vrain River and Boulder Creek Floods

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org - social security card

If you’ve ever lost your driver’s license, you know how frustrating and stressful it can be to a) realize it, but b) to get another made.

Now, add to that all of your important documents, like birth certificates, social security card, insurance papers, credit cards, passport and more.

No matter where you live, if you go through a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire or other disaster where you can’t retrieve your important documents, it can feel overwhelming.

How To Replace Important Papers Lost In The St. Vrain River and Boulder Creek Floods

The Longmont Times-Call Newspaper ran an article to help you out.

Go to the link below for the article to help make this process much easier.

My prayers and thoughts go out to you and all in 15 counties devastated by the flood waters this past week.

Colorado Floods in Boulder Didn’t Stop Couple From Wedding

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flood - michelle and brain mary in boulder anyway


From Channel 9 Denver News:

Brian and Michelle chose to ignore the flood damage around them on Hazelwood Ct in Boulder and celebrate their love. The couple was married last night surrounded by their family, friends and community that have come together to help one another. We’re interviewing them now so they can tell you their story during our newscasts this afternoon.


Oh, my, what great destruction a whole lot of water can make.

I am very grateful that where I live is has stayed safe. But, my heart goes out to all who have been so devastated by the floods in my area and all around Colorado this past week.



Plan Ahead, Manage Your Time and Stop Speeding

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car - race car

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read, “I’m not speeding, I’m qualifying!”

eeYeeeeeaaaaahhhahaha! Not that funny?!

I really don’t understand why cars are built to go over 90 miles an hour in the first place. Most drivers have gotten at least one speeding ticket in their lifetime, or will. Most speeding tickets are given for driving just a few miles per hour over the legal speed limit, and that’s usually in the 30-60 mph range in town.

Speeding, a little or a lot is not good for us or others. Changing our habits and daily routines to stop hurrying, and then speeding to get somewhere is important to our stress levels, safety and overall well being, including our bank account, insurance rates and police records!


time - cartoon - man running looking at watch

Let’s think about organizing life and time so that we don’t speed at all.

1. Plan ahead. Plan your day and week ahead of time to be ready early enough to leave on time and drive at safe limits.

2. Plan for others. Realistically, if you have children and others who depend on you, or you them, there’s a lot of planning and pre-paring that needs to happen in order for everyone to get on board and work together.

If you are a family that isn’t on time a lot, and you have children, over time you’ve taught them to procrastinate and to be late, or to wait for someone to get ready. Having said that, to retrain everyone, expect the learning curve to take a while to kick in and for people to change old patterns.

3.  Call or text ahead. If you’re going to be late, call ahead to let others know. Obviously, don’t create more problems by texting and driving, but certainly use all of the best technology when you can when you can.

time - woman looking at watch on telephone

4.  Let go and accept it. When you’re already late, you can’t change what is. So, breathe, drive carefully, listen to the radio or your favorite CD and relax.  Maybe even say the Serenity Prayer a couple times!

5. Tell yourself the truth. Sometimes we’re late a lot to one or two specific destinations because, “tell the truth!” we really don’t want to go! Well . . . change something about that equation!

It’s important to understand that when you’re resisting a situation, being late to it stresses you the most, your self-worth, integrity, and adrenal system, which can result in chronic stress and illness. There is a domino affect that you can stop from even starting by telling yourself the truth and dealing with it better.

6. Breathe. When we are stressed, our bodies response has many paths, but ones that directly affect our driving is that stress affects our thinking (creating fuzzy thinking), narrowed visual perception and limited sight, making it much easier to not see what is happening around us and much easier to have, and I mean “create and cause”, the dreaded car accident . . . that of course could easily be fatal to you or someone else. Who needs that?!

car - illustration - family in car with smilesBreathe. Relax. Calm down. Let go.

Enjoy every moment of the luxury and freedom you get to have behind the wheel of any car, brand new, or clunker! Not everyone gets to have the privilege to drive.


Young People at Risk for Hand Cancer Holding Cell Phones All the Time

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I suppose that’s a question as much as a statement, “Young People at Risk for Hand Cancer Holding Cell Phones All the Time?”

There are too many parties diluting and downplaying the real science and research on the safety of cell phones on our brains, bodies and now hands.

Remember how safe, good and smooth cigarettes once were advertised?  Hmmm. Time and a lot of leaning on the government and companies that make more money on them were finally brought to light (no pun intended.) People still smoke, but now they have a choice.

So, now cell phones and cancer – why not be safe now instead of sorry and blaming “them” later?

phone - 4 girls on cells


Help your kids stay healthy using technology they love. Pick up a hands-free headset for their cell phone. Get one for yourself too! You want a headset that keeps the direct “pinging” away from the body/head.


Keep cell phones at least 8 feet away from your body when sleeping, whether charging, just ON, or using for an alarm clock.


In 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that radiation from cell phones may cause cancer.

WHO said radio frequency electromagnetic fields (when cell phones are in use) had the potential to cause cancer in humans. Several studies showed an increased risk for a type of brain tumor called a glioma. The news was based upon extensive reviews of numerous studies by 31 scientists from 14 countries.

Read more here.

In 2007, the Bioinitiative Working Group released a 650-page report citing more than 2,000 studies (many very recent) that detail the toxic effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from all sources. Chronic exposure to even low-level radiation (like that from cell phones), can cause a variety of cancers, impair immunity, and contribute to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, heart disease, and many other ailments.

Find out more here.

phone - cell phone woman


Children are most susceptible to cancers as their brain barriers and skulls are not fully developed. This is also true for their hands, plus, how much (24/7) they hold onto – and sleep with – their cell phones.

Help them learn prevention now.

P.S. And, like watching parents smoke, drink, etc., children learn by watching adults and television. What are you teaching them about safe cell phone use?


Fire/Disaster Evacuation and Protection Plan: How Soon To Decide To Get Out Of The Line Of Fire

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fire - forest fire


My workshop, and ebook, on organizing is titled BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!… for a very good reason.

Few people are prepared for anything devastating to happen to them or their homes and belongings. Most people think, “I’ll get to it later.” And, “later” never comes.

That includes organizing and preparing your


There are plenty to prepare for, including

  • fire
  • flood
  • tornado
  • hurricane
  • earthquake
  • gas leaks
  • theft

In any of these situations, you will have only seconds to decide, act and get out of harms way.


About 80 miles south of here is the raging Black Forest, Colorado fire. This fire, the most destructive fire in Colorado history, has displaced 38,000 people and affected about 13,000 homes, while burning down 389 homes and 13,000 and 15,000 acres by this morning (6/14/13).

Advance warnings and fire fighters have done an amazing job to get people moving and out of harms way. Yesterday, however, came that report that just makes no sense, but is oh, so human.

I want to note here that I am not judging or criticizing these poor people,

but please learn from their mistake.

The news…  the remains of two people were found at a destroyed home inside the burn area yesterday.

This certainly can happen in such a huge fire, but, it didn’t have to.


Two people die in Black Forest, CO fire.

Investigators talked to a person who had spoken with the victims on the phone Tuesday. At 4:20 p.m., the two said they could see the glow of a nearby wildfire and started getting ready to leave. About 40 minutes later, the caller told deputies they could hear “popping and cracking” on the phone before losing contact with the two victims.

Both were found in the garage of their home near a vehicle with its doors open. They appeared to be getting ready to leave.


check listPLAN AHEAD

“Getting ready to leave” and “leaving” are two different things when you only have seconds.

Could this have been a different outcome? I can only guess, but I’d say yes.

BOTTOMLINE: Our “stuff and things” cannot matter in a crisis such as this. They just cannot!

Let it all go. Your heart will heal and yes, some things cannot be replaced. That’s just what is.

Plus, if you choose to live in an area of the country, the forest, where fires happen every year and burn down thousands of acres of forest along with homes and properties, this is your responsibility to be prepared. Right? Right.


car - stuff on top and dog

3 Point Plan to Be Ready for a Disaster of Any Kind:

  1. If your house was burning, tornado coming, etc. and you have 30 gracious seconds to go in and get 3 things (all living beings are out already and you have your ID/wallet/purse) what would the 3 things be?
  2. Get them ready NOW. No excuses.
  3. If your “stuff” is not organized, accessible and easily moved out and ready to go when the disaster comes, too bad. Just go. Your priority is your very life.

And, finally, my head is bowed: I bless these people who have lost their lives and pray for their families and loved ones.



How to Safeguard Livestock in a Fire: From the Black Forest, CO Fire

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animals - FIRE horses spray painted with phn nmbrs

Fires can be unpredictable, especially in the case of forest fires.

The Black Forest, Colorado fire is on the news daily as they fight to keep people and homes safe.

So far, the fire has displaced 38,000 people and affected about 13,000 homes, while burning down 389 homes and 13,000 and 15,000 acres by this morning (June 14, 2013) This is the most destructive fire in Colorado history.


With such a massive fire you won’t necessarily have time to help your animals and pack up anything. You just need to go.

That’s was the case for some evacuees in this fire. They had to leave so quickly, they didn’t have time to load up and move all of their animals.

PLAN #1: The local fairgrounds

The Elbert County Fairground northeast of the Black Forest Fire looked like a Noah’s Ark Thursday with families who fled with their animals to escape the looming inferno.

There were nearly 30 chickens, several hundred horses, a handful of cows and a couple calves, and many alpacas and miniature horses, according to the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office. Assorted dogs, cats, goats and donkeys mingled with mules and lamas. Three stallions were there. And for good measure, one yak.

~ From FOX 31 Denver News

PLAN #2: Punt!

As you can see in the photo above, horse owners spray painted their phone numbers on their animals and set them free, hoping that they could get to safety by themselves and someone would call them to reunite them later.


When you live in an area that is ripe for fire danger year ’round, plan ahead. Your stuff and things are not important. Your life is. Read more here re: deaths in the fire that possibly could have been saved.

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