Dr. DeClutter Radio Interview – Reasons to Get Organized

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This doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? But look around, do you have a little clutter like this dampening your happiness?


Take 30-60 minutes, sort through everything and put it where it belongs. Get your happy back!

“Clutter is one decision and one action not taken.”

Consistency is the key. Start sorting and decluttering little by little and keep going until it’s all done! Yay! Love your house and it will love you back!

I host a radio show called Formulas For Freedom. I was invited to be on the “Extra” Show at KRDO at the end of 2017 to talk more about getting organized for the New Year.

Listen to the show: “Dr. DeClutter Talks About Letting Go of Clutter” KRDO “Extra” Live Interview with Ted Robertson Broadcasted 12/28/17

Click here and look under Happy New Year with the photo of me and Ted!

Happy New Year!

Kim, “Dr. DeClutter”

Host of Formulas For Freedom radio show. Listen to past programs here: http://www.formulasforfreedom.com/radio-show/

Organize, Sort and Donate Christmas Supplies, Decor and Ornaments NOW!

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Deck the halls, and then… what to do with all the left over deck-ing stuff?




While going through all of your wonderful holiday supplies, decorations, ornaments, dishes, etc., this is a great time to sort out (ruthlessly!) those items that you’re

  • “just not that into” anymore,
  • tired of looking at,
  • items that bring up feelings that don’t feel “festive” or good,like sadness, loss, grief, guilt, resentment, etc.

and move them out of your home.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Doesn’t that feel better? 🙂


NOW is the time to move these items out for donation to thrift.

Why now? Because AFTER the holiday is over thrift stores WILL NOT take them. They’ll throw them out.

Why? Because they don’t have the room to store this holiday stuff for another 10-11 months.


You’ll be so happy you did this when next year rolls around and it’s so much simpler.

Do this same exercise for EVERY holiday, every year.

I hope these tips are helpful for you. Have a wonderful Christmas and all other holidays you may be celebrating this month!

Kim, “Dr. DeClutter!”

P.S. Need help? In the Colorado area I’m available to for House Calls to help you out, pre- and post-holiday!! 🙂 Let me know! Contact me.



The 5 Key Steps to Organize Your . . . Anything, Anywhere!

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Here’s what I know after years of helping others get organized. There are only a few basic or core organizing keys you need to use to organize anything. Ready?

1.  Have sorting containers ready into which to pitch!
2.  Choose the heap, lump, pile or stack you’re ready to declutter.
3.  Stick with this one pile until you’re done (keep piles to about an hour each so that you don’t get overwhelmed!)
4.  After finishing that pile, start on the next, or if done, move the containers out to where they’re going: donation, recycle, reroute, trash, etc.
5.  Shine and buff up your newly decluttered space and enjoy anew!

Got it?! Easy, huh!

Dive in! Enjoy!


NEED HELP KEEPING YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS A PRIORITY? Staying organized is high on the list!

phone - ear-mouth part only with cordI’d love to work with you if you just can’t seem to stay focused and on track with your daily decisions about getting and staying organized or anything else.

I’m DR. DECLUTTER “PRIORITY COACH” and will be happy to help you choose, redecide, plan and stick with it, whatever your end goal may be.  We’ll work together by phone… FIND OUT MORE HERE…



6 Things NOT To Do When Decluttering Your House

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org - clutter ann's basement USED

5 Things NOT To Do  When Decluttering Your House

1. Start Without A Plan

If you keep trying to jump into an emotionally deep well of piles and stacks from the past, you’re setting yourself up for overwhelm and a walk, or run, away experience within minutes. Been there done that already, right?

calendar page


Schedule uninterrupted time focused on one, doable, small area and “chunk” at a time. You can then “chip” away at it and really get it done and feel good about it when your time is up.

“I was so inspired after I heard you speak last week that I went right home and conquered several small piles in a few short 30 minute spurts of time. I feel so great! Thanks!” ~ Calli, Boulder, CO

2. Buy Lots Of Tubs And Organizing Systems First

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of lidded tubs/bins and containers for your “stuff and things” out there at all different price points. But, you really don’t know what you need until you start sorting through everything.


Sort through an area or whole room first. Use cardboard boxes to categorize like items. When you’re done, you’ll know what you need – size, shape, amount.


Then, when you do buy containers, especially tubs or bins with lids, buy a few extra than you think you need and keep the receipt should you need to take any back. If you buy them all at one time you are guaranteed they will stack correctly. If you buy at separate times the tubs can change design, they won’t stack right, will wobble and lids will crack over time.

3. Don’t Use Sorting Containers

If you don’t have sorting containers, like tubs or cardboard boxes designated for actions like, recycle, donate, returns, reroute, storage, etc., you’ll have to stop decluttering quickly as you have no where to put your sorted items.

org - labeled boxes USED


Get several containers and label them (tape on a piece of paper) with the basic topics as noted: recycle, trash, donate, reroute, give to a friend, deep storage, etc.. When a box is full, replace it and attach the sign and keep going.

“This tip really made all the difference. I could decide and pitch stuff into the designated boxes so quickly. Thanks for your Burn Your House Down teleclass so that I could join your class live!” ~ Janice, England

4. Keep Doing It Alone And Don’t Know What To Do With It So Stop And Never Get Back To It

Sometimes the sheer volume of piles, or history that triggers your emotions, is just too much for you to do it alone.


Ask for help. Get past any embarrassment or fear of judgement and just do it! Ask a friend or a professional organizer like me to help you decide, take action to sort faster, to let go of more than you might if alone, and to help process your emotions and stories while working away.

“I should have called you years ago, but was so afraid you’d judge me. Wow. You did not, it was all me! You were kind and compassionate and really didn’t see my clutter, you just focused on the solutions and we got the job done so quickly. Thank you. I love my home again.” ~ Pat, Colorado Springs, CO

 5. Your Keep Thinking “All Or None, It Must Be Perfect!”

How’s that workin’ for ya?! When you think something hast to be perfect, does that help you start the project any faster? Usually not. Perfectionistic, rigid thinking will only keep you from starting and keep you procrastinating waiting for the perfect time, containers, systems, etc.


There is no such thing as perfection. And, if you do create it, you have to maintain it! That can be exhausting. Do the doing of the above 1-4 which will make your space decluttered, organized, livable, and functional. Then, in some small area, make it “perfect!” Enjoy that little spot of Heaven. The rest of your house is to be lived in and decluttered daily to maintain it and “good enough” so that you can enjoy living in it.

 “Wow, calming down my “perfection button” really helped me to “just start and do it.” I guess I knew I was doing that to myself, but you really nailed it. I really like living in my home, not trying to make it something perfect that it doesn’t have to be and will never be, for long enough.” ~ Jana, Las Vegas, NV

6. Keep The Sorted Items For Donations Around Too Long

If you keep the bags and boxes of items you’ve sorted to go to donation or give away in the garage or in your house too long, do you start bringing items back in?

truck - driving away


If you can’t take the items yourself within a day or so to donation, call a donation/charity to pick up the items the same day or within 24-hours of your sorting to get boxes out of your environment to keep from sneaking items back into the house. You really will forget about them and you really don’t need them.


Red ticket in black handGet Your TICKET TO SHIFT! 

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If not now, when? Find out how I can be your Priority Coach here. 

When, Why And Why Not To Use A Self-Storage Unit

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org - storage units

During our recent, devastating and historic floods in northern Colorado, over 20,000 homes were destroyed or damaged. Not included in this number were self-storage units, lined up like horse-race gates waiting for nervous horses to jump out and race down the track. Unfortunately, thousands of dollars of short and long-kept items and memorabilia, in paid storage, were lost to the rushing waters.

Amber Genova, of Spring Gulch, a neighborhood near Lyons, CO removes flood damaged belongings while clearing out her storage unit, Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, at Storage West Self Storage in Longmont. The Genova’s home near Lyons was not damaged by the flood. (Matthew Jonas/Times-Call Newspaper)


When is a good time to use storage facilities? Sometimes the answer is never, but sometimes the answer makes sense.

Before you start making monthly payments on self storage space (on items you don’t remember you even have and for decades!), ask yourself:

1. Why do I need to keep it in the first place?

DECIDE: Sometimes people use “storage” as a way to ignore items and put off decisions on what to do with their, or other’s, stuff and things.

Ask yourself, “If my house burned down, and this item was gone forever, would I even remember I’d had it or would I miss it?” If the answer is no, then just move it out now – donate, sell or give away.

EVERYTHING HAS A SHELF LIFE: Also, realize that some things, left too long in outdoor, non-controlled climate storage, don’t last that long. Rubber, plastic, wax, fabric, even wood changes, and not in a good way!

DON’T PACK YOUR EMOTIONS IN STORAGE: If you’re keeping it purely due to sentimental value, or emotions, maybe take a photo of it, but let the item go. Keep the photo, display it well to remember the memory.

So, if you reeeeeeeeally think you have to keep it, keep asking yourself more questions to decide.

2. Can I wait and just keep it in the basement or garage and make other decisions on it soon?

3. Is the cost–often $100 or more a month– justified for what I want to store?

Old furniture with little value, for example, can be replaced with new pieces for the cost of a year or two of self storage. If you have too much clutter in your home, consider getting rid of things rather than paying to keep clutter out of sight. However, self storage does make sense in certain circumstances.

4. Add up the numbers. How much will this have cost me in 12 months from now? Could I have used that money for something better?


1. You’re Between Houses or Work Being Done

  • Sometimes people must move out of one place before their new permanent residence is ready.
  • Maybe the new house is under construction.
  • You don’t have time to shop for a house before relocating.
  • You have a small fire or water break in our home and need to be out for a while to have it repaired, carpets torn up, etc.

While temporarily living in a small apartment, a hotel or with friends or family, self storage is an option that allows you to keep your furniture and belongings during the transition.

2. Someone Dies, or a Settlement of an Estate

  • When there is a death in the family, sometimes the deceased’s belongings need to be stored while the Will and legalities are settled.
  • Sometimes the home simply needs to be emptied to sell or be passed down, and the contents need a temporary place to go.

3. You Have a Small Living Space

If you don’t have a garage, attic or basement, storage can be a legitimate issue, especially if you have sports equipment and other items that are only used seasonally. If you are a long-term dweller of a small apartment, condo or house, self storage may be a worth the cost for keeping things that are used every year, such as ski equipment, bikes, surfing gear and holiday decorations. Self storage may even be a necessity if you have big toys such as jet skis, ATVs, RVs, boats, snowmobiles and motorcycles.

4. You’re Trying to Sell Your Home

Staging is always a necessity when selling a home. So, when your home needs to look like a model home, that’s inviting and not too “lived in,” it’s recommended that the contents of your home are reduced to a bare minimum so the space looks open and uncluttered. Prospective buyers will be looking at the basement and garage, too, so a temporary solution is to box toys, knick-knacks and small appliances and stash them in a self storage unit.


Sometimes storage units are helpful and maybe necessary. But really think it through so that you’re not just paying for nothing and dumping it all in the trash in years or decades to come, or worse yet, your stuff ends up on a TV show like Storage Wars and someone else makes money on it! That’s just kind of crazy!




Organizing Trick! Use This Trick To Know How Often You Really Use Your Stuff, And Know When To Let It Go

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Room of stuff - suitcase - lamp, etc

Why do you keep items that you never use?

The biggest stumbling block in decluttering your home is the need to keep things with the reasoning, “Oh, I use it from time to time.” Or, the infamous, “I might need it some day.”

Really? Really think about it.

  • How often do you really use that item?
  • When’s the last time you used it?
  • How about you test these thoughts and find out for sure.


I want to suggest a neat little trick to figure out whether an item is really worth storing or not. Just like you would throw out a carton of milk if it was past its “best before” or “expires” date, try labeling your infrequently used items with a similar expiration date.

The next time you come across something which you don’t use, or haven’t used in a while, mark it with a masking tape and write a date one year into the future. That’s the item’s “expiration date”.

org - masking tape

In the future, if/when you come across an item that has passed its expiration date, then it’s time to sell it, donate it, recycle it or trash it (but only trash it if it can’t be donated).

This trick could also be implemented with a sticky note or a label maker, if you prefer. Just label it somehow to trigger your memory that you’re not actually using it at all, and maybe someone else could.

Jump in! Use this organizing trick this week and see how your feelings, or “energy”, about that item changes even before you store it again for a year. You might just declutter it right then! Yea!

TRICK: Put masking tape with an ‘expiration date’ on your infrequently used items to declutter.


Let’s Talk


If you need help making decisions about your stuff and things, clutter and disorder, and keep looping in indecision, I can help you make those decisions quickly.

Email me at kim@drdeclutter.com to schedule your 20-minute free Dr. DeClutter consult today!

“I wish I’d not waited so long to call you, Kim. I’ve gotten your newsletter’s for years and finally mustered up the energy to schedule a phone session with you. I’m still amazed at all I learned and how much you helped me get a lot of things done while we were on the phone, and then after. Thank you! My house is so much better now. I can actually invite people over and not be embarrassed anymore. That’s priceless!” ~ Dara, Dallas, TX

How to Rescue Water Logged or Muddy Photos or Video, Lesson From the Colorado Floods

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flood - memory rescue

The Colorado epic flood of September 2013 has taken away homes, roads, bridges, lives and memories. But, day by day new rescue efforts show up to help people save what they can.

As people begin sifting through their flooded homes, most will inevitably come across precious memories—photos, slides, videos and other memorabilia—that are waterlogged, buried in mud or have otherwise been damaged in the disaster.

“The most important thing right now is to get the word out that wet or muddy memories are not necessarily lost and that people should not throw them away,” said Gwen Scherer, owner of the Boulder County company, Memories to Digital, and co-founder of The Memory Preservation Coalition. “Many of these priceless items can be saved, and we’re here to help.”

Don’t throw away priceless memories, even if they appear ruined. Wet and dirty photos and videos can often be salvaged, and the recently opened Memory Rescue Centers across the greater Denver area and in Fort Collins will do just that—at no cost to flood victims from Colorado Springs to the Wyoming border.

The centers will have free on-site wash-and-dry stations, free information on how to salvage photos and home movies, Flip-Pal mobile scanners free for use, as well as extensive services to digitize photos, slides, videos, film and other memorabilia at a discount.

THIS ARTICLE IS PACKED WITH GREAT INFORMATON: http://www.flip-pal.com/memory-rescue-centers/




I Have A New Article Published In Miss Kitty’s Journal For Red Hatter’s Again!

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Fall 2013 - issue-19-my art - memorabilia 4 of 4

If you’re a Red Hatter, you’ll love the most recent edition of Miss Kitty’s Journal, out earlier this month.

If you want to know what’s going on in the Red Hatter’s world, you must subscribe to Miss Kitty’s Journal to keep in the know! It’s a lovely, glossy magazine that shares so many ways Red Hat Lovers can travel, get together, learn, laugh and love life even more.


My 4th article in this edition, found in the “The Success of Everyday Living” section is, “Keepsakes and Memories . . . What to do With Memorabilia.” This is a hard topic for so many, but there are answers and the key is to do it ASAP! Don’t keep waiting to decide what is important and what to move on to whom.

Make sure to read my article for the “4 Step to Get Your Memorabilia Organized,” Page 14.

Miss Kitty does such an exceptional job in this all color, all glossy magazine. Enjoy this Fall 2013 Edition ladies!

“You know when I feel inwardly beautiful?
When I am with my girlfriends and we are having a ‘goddess circle’.”
~ Jennifer Aniston



7 Thieves That Live In Your House: Organize Thief #7

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anger - woman screaming

Does your clutter feel overwhelming sometimes?

Does it just feel like too much?

Do you just have too much?

Have you read the first 6 Thieves? If you‘ve read them and are doing the assignments I’ve set for you, you will be feeling really good right now! YEA!!! 🙂 Keep going!

How much and how often is each thief robbing you every day? These are just a few examples of how they are stealing from you:

  • time
  • energy
  • money
  • peace of mind
  • joy
  • self-worth
  • socializing
  • and so much more

I’m glad to share more immediate feedback I’ve received from this series of articles:

Gerry wrote, “Boy, getting permission from you to get rid of stuff from others living in our home in the past was a Godsend! My wife and I feel so much freer now to enjoy our whole house. Thank you!”

Sandra shared, “Getting nudges from you to move memorabilia out and on to others really makes my life better. Thank you, Doc!”


Our forward movement and proactive activity on a day-to-day basis makes all the difference in a week, month, year or decade from now.

In this edition I’ll cover the final Thief, #7.

Thief #7: Too Much

You can have a well maintained and organized home, but in our consumer based society (especially in the USA), you may still just have too much of some items. Too many and too much of anything is distracting, wasteful and energy-zapping as your brain is always aware of all of it and trying to figure out how to use it, ignore it or deal with it before “it” gets too old or out of date to use.

Let’s add to our stress about our clutter and disorganization the real time and energy we waste on our too-muchness. Is this really why we’re here on this beautiful planet? Is this really how we’re to be spending out time? I think not.


Decide: As you go into each room and handle each item, ask yourself these questions:

  • When was the last time I used this?
  • If I do use it, how often and why? What purpose does it serve?
  • Do I really have the room or space for it?
  • Do I own another item that can serve the same purpose as this one?
  • Is this item something I love? Does it have sentimental value that can’t be replaced?
  • Can I get by without it? Would I have to replace it if I choose to get rid of it?
  • Is it in good shape? Will it last for a long time?
  • Do I know someone else who would benefit a lot more from its use?

No more waiting.

No more buying or accepting “more”, even when it’s “free.”

Your time and your life are much too short and important.


Stop these thieves from stopping you. Jump into your messes and stresses and make the changes necessary to reorganize, redecide and recreate for a new you. No more waiting!

You really do have control over how much time, energy, etc. is robbed from you every moment. Taking control of what you can is paramount in living a more balanced, confident and happy life.

“All the world is birthday cake,

so take a piece, but not too much.”

~ George Harrison


1) My bookstore of ebooks in the right side bar here. Every one of them has great guides and ideas for the changes that will help you declutter for good.

2) This blog of free tips and articles to help you get great ideas for the changes you want.

3) Hire me, “Dr. DeClutter”, to make a “house call” and let’s get order and joy back into your home and life ASAP!

  • I can drive right over locally (Colorado) and have Travel Packages. I’ve done week long jobs throughout the country.

4) Priority Coaching. Email me at kim@drdeclutter.com for a free 20-minute consult to discuss your needs and how I might work with you by phone.



If  you just can’t get started, or stall out too often, I can help you set your priorities and stay the course to make the changes you desire by working with you as your Priority Coach. Get your Ticket To Shift here.

The 21 Rules to Organize and Control Clutter in Every Area of Your Life

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org - Conquer - woman with sword

Rule 1: Decide. All disorganization and clutter is due to at least one decision and one action not taken.

Rule 2: Take action. There is no “later!” Stop thinking about it. Stop talking about it. Stop stressing about it. Do something!

Rule 3: Handle something only once. Don’t keep repiling. Shake and wake yourself out of trances and complete your thought or action.

Rule 4: Use what you’ve got. Use it all up before buying more. ALL up.

Rule 5: Use it or lose it. (This is relative in all areas of life!) Get your treasures out of drawers and boxes, china cupboards and attics. Use them. Display them. Enjoy them!

Rule 6: Recycle.

Rule 7: Repurpose, reuse.

Rule 8: Repair.

Rule 9: Donate. Never assume what a thrift store will or will not take. Donate it all. They have big dumpsters and will toss whatever can’t be sold.

Rule 10: When in doubt, throw it out — only if you can’t donate it. (As noted in Rule 9, let the donation or charity decide what is “good enough.”)

Rule 11: A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Rule 12: Everything must have a “home” — or it is “homeless!”

Rule 13: Everything must have a place (home) in which to live. If it doesn’t, go bring anything new in.

Rule 14: Efficiency counts. Store things in categories for quick finds.

Rule 15: Use containers for categories; you’ll know quickly when you’re running low on something.

Rule 16: Use and create systems that make everything flow. NOTE: No system is 100% perfect.

Rule 17: Everything you have should love you and you should love it. Display your lovely items with pleasure. 

Rule 18: Get serious about important papers. Find them. Organize them. File them. Use a file cabinet.

Rule 19: Label things. Label everything. Make it so easy that a stranger could find it if you asked them to come into your home to get something you wanted.

Rule 20: 90% of life is maintainance. If you don’t want to maintain stuff, don’t get more of it. This includes kids, boy and girlfriends, big houses, new hairdos, marriages, weight loss body, etc!

Rule 21: Ask for help. Call in a professional.   

That would be me! Let me know how I can help!  I’ll come over with my organizing apron on and help you decide and declutter, reorganize and fall in love with your home again in no time. Find out more here! I can also work with you by telephone!


book cover - BYHDFind more ideas in my ebook, Burn Your House Down! And 99 other ways to create an organized life.


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