How to Stop Pain in Your Life and Your Life Story By Doing One Thing Differently

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It seems odd to think that anyone would consciously choose to create problems and pain in their lives, but  subconsciously and unconsciously (in a trance) we do create and support our dramas and traumas every day.

Think of the problems you have in your life right now. Think of how they have become your life’s story that you tell others. Some stories support us to be happy and enjoy our lives, but stories laced with problems and pain only keep the negative and heavy story alive and growing.


Here is an exercise that can be a great tool for digging out the old stories and opening up space to change for good.

1. Take a sheet of paper and pen and draw 4 columns.

2. In the left column: Write down a couple of your problems. Start with the nagging ones.

3. In the second column, write down the pain each problem causes you. This could be emotional, physical, relationship, spiritual, financial, etc.

4. Now, for the not so easy part. In the third column for each, write down how you create – started, contribute to, keep the fire burning, add more fuel to – this problem that causes you pain.

Oooo, the ego hates that. Mine sure does! But, telling ourselves the truth is part of stopping the problem and the pain. It’s how we shine a light on it, wake up ourselves up and change our story.

5. Column 4: If you really want to stop the pain, you’ll now fill in column four with at least one way you can stop creating pain in each area. I.e.,  stop adding to the problem; stop keeping it alive; stop feeding the Problem Monster.

“When you create a problem, you create pain. All it takes is a simple choice, a simple decision: No matter what happens, I will create no more pain for myself. I will create no more problems.”
~ Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose  and on CD

When we give up our part in any problem, and become the solution, we get to change our story.

A great resource for story changing is Byron Katie’s Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

Organize Your Inner Clutter – Change Your Life Situation To What You Want

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Inner Clutter (in our heads) stops us all the time from a better life.

Here’s an exercise to use every day to begin bringing back focus and positive mental movement towards the changes you want.

1) Think of what takes you out of alignment, off balance, makes you wobble in your day/life.

2) Then state the opposite for yourself and write it down: 

By  (when)_____________  I want/declare/invite/accept 

a demonstration of  (what) ________________.

3) When complete, state: Thank you. I know that it’s already in process and done.  Yes, be sure to be grateful immediately. God/the universe (the Big U as I call it!) does not run on our tiny clock! Let there be miracles!! 🙂

4) Then, and this is very important…  let it go. Yes, get on with your day. Do the doing that is in front of you. If you drag it back into your mind over and over you muddy the waters and delay the workings.

5) Keep a journal and document. Be aware of what shifts, changes show up! Document these changes so that you don’t forget that this process is working for you, and use it again and again for more positive changes.

6)  NOTE: This is only for changing yourself, not for anyone else or to try to change anyone else. That’s their job.

7) Let me know what happens! 🙂

What’s Your Motivation to Declutter?

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I have a guaranteed laugh in every class I teach on organizing and decluttering. I’ll have given the steps to get and stay organized, numerous real examples of what does and doesn’t work, answered scores of questions and given solutions . . . and there will always be that one person, or two, who raise their hand and ask, “Yeah, but… how to I get motivated?”




Have you ever thought this too?


If you have to ask, the answer is this . . . “You don’t.” Organizing is like exercise for most people. You declutter and organize because you just need to do it, because you want to feel better, let go of guilt and feeling bad, have more room to play and enjoy your home, etc.


Like needing to see people in swim suits in February to “diet” to get ready for summer (which is supposed to motivate us), motivation isn’t actually necessary to do anything in life. If you wait to be “motivated”, it (whatever your “it” is) will never happen! Schedule the time to declutter and jump in! Groans are heard from every audience at this point!


I also offer a second, much more funny answer that always brings laughs, which is, “Invite people over for a party at your house this weekend!”  Now, shock, fear, anxiety and laughter are heard in waves from the audience!


How fast would you declutter, at least the most visible and used rooms, if you had people over this weekend? Fast?! Sure! Embarrassment, fear, guilt and shame are great “motivators!” Not the best, but we’re so programmed to put off until “later” what we need to have done yesterday, that we wait until “we have to do it” to do it.



Want to get your whole house organized faster? Plan a gathering at your house at least once a month! Start opening up each of the rooms that once were what I call, “the whisper rooms!”, where you shoved all that left over, undecided upon stuff from the main areas so people wouldn’t see it.


You know how it works, right? When people show up, and comment that you have such a nice home, you say (whisper) things like, “Oh, thanks! . . . Just don’t go into that room!” 😉


Each month you could clear out one more “that” whisper room you’ve created and have NO whisper rooms again! How great would that be?!!


Jump in! One chunk, pile, lump, stack and mess at a time. You’ll get there!



“The more you have, the more you are occupied.
The less you have, the more free you are.”
~ Mother Teresa


4 Foods to Help Your Body Fight the Flu this Season

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, H1N1 flu virus currently accounts for about 98% of circulating flu viruses in the US. Having a strong, healthy immune system is the body’s only true defense. You can build up your immunity with a few good nutritionist-recommended foods – most you probably have in your kitchen already!

1. Colorful fruits and veggies.

Antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C are a must to immune system health. Get at least 1/2 cup serving a day to get your daily dose, especially from orange vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots.

2. Yogurt.

Look for varieties containing probiotics, the “good” bacteria that is likely to strengthen your digestive system. Two 6-oz serving/day. I’d also recommend non-flavored/plain yogurt as the ones premixed with fruit can have additives that defeat the purpose. I love the Greek kinds, very thick and tasty.

3. Lemons.

The proper pH balance is crucial for disease-fighting. 4 tablespoons of lemon juice can help maintain an internal climate in which healthy bacteria thrive.

4. Garlic.

2 cloves/day stimulate infection-fighting white blood cells and sharpen their virus-killing instincts. You can always buy garlic capsules if you don’t do well with real garlic.

Enjoy the Blue Moon

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Born in July, I’m a “moon child.” Boy, I am too. I loooove the moon.


Here are links to listen to great Blue Moon melodies to get you ready for our upcoming second full moon in one month, August 31st, the Blue Moon.


Nanci Griffith (my favorite folk singer): Once In a Very Blue Moon

  This one is Nanci singing.

  This one has a blue moon image that’s lovely.

Blue Moon

The song was first recorded by The Boswell Sisters on January 15, 1935. 


Since then, it has been recorded by many artist including Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, Vaughn Monroe, Dean Maritn, Frankie Laine & Michel Legrand, Tony Bennet with Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Elvis Presley, Bob Dillan, Jeff Funk (the song performed in Grease), Rod Stewart, Cybill Shephard, and Django Reinhardt… to name a few!


But, Blue Moon wasn’t always the same song we know. Watch this short clip from MGM movies and read the information below it to find out its interesting history.


Julie London does an awesome job too.


The Marcels, 1961 version with fun retro images.


I know there are other songs with Blue Moon in them, but, gosh, I would be searching forever! Enjoy.



Click here to just sit back and enjoy lots of full moon and blue moon images online.


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