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Whether as “Dr. DeClutter” presenting humorous and informative programs on organizing, including my most requested, BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN! program…

Or as Kim Wolinski, Stress, Change and Organizational Skills Expert presenting topics such as LIFE BALANCE, STRESS MANAGEMENT, TIME MANAGEMENT, THE CHALLENGE OF CHANGE and other content rich and customized programs.

I will help your group, membership or employees to move past the distraction of everyday stress and change and stay focused on doing a great job, enjoying life and feeling good about it all!

There are 3 Kinds of Clutter:

  • Inner (between our ears – emotions, thoughts, beliefs),
  • Outer (material stuff and things), and
  • Other (people)

If you do not manage them, they will manage you.  


I have a Masters in Social Work and have studied spirituality of all kinds all my life. As a therapist and life-coach for over 28 years, I’ve worked in the addictions fields as well as grief, goal attainment and life-transition.

“Just being around you shifts my energy to a positive note! Working with you as a coach has made a huge difference in my life.” Jan, Colorado

“It’s amazing how you can speak to a group of over 3,000 and I felt like you were talking just to me, and doing great therapy! I’ve learned so much. Thank you!” – Nurse Convention Attendee


I am also “Dr. DeClutter!” Professional Organizer. Hands-on decluttering, sorting and reoganizing only what you love in your home or office.

“You did in 3 hours what I couldn’t ever get done at all!” – Susan, Colorado

“You’re magic! Man you’re fast and efficient!” – Janice, W Virginia


As a Life Coach, I also work with people to help them gain healthier boundaries and relationships, communicate more effectively, and sometime, leave unhealthy relationships.

“I could have never made those hard decisions alone. I’m much more assertive now and have so much more solid and healthy boundaries in all my relationships.” – Debbie, Nebraska

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